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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Travtbizzo, May 14, 2010.

  1. Anyone have a guess as to how long I have before I can harvest with the plant this far along? The plant is sitting under 225W of 2ft tube fluorescents and I haven't added any nutes. Its growin all organic. Any ideas?

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  2. How many days has she been under 12/12?
  3. well, to me it looks like a sativa plant..

    sativa - 6-9 months
    indica - 6 weeks
    Sativa/Indica - 2-4 month

    Takes anywhere from 10-36 weeks for a plant to reach full maturity
    hope this helps
  4. The plants probably been under it for about...ehhh.....3 weeks? But I had a close call where I left town for like 10 days and had a friend watching it. And long story short I had the light timer hooked up to an outlet that was powered through the light switch and she flipped it or whatever and jacked the light schedule up and then she watered it like 4 days before I got back but I got here and the soil was BONE dry and the plant was REALLY wilted....I was worried it wouldn't recover cuz of that but it has. Anyway, it didnt grow much over that 10 day period so yeah. And whats the policy on harvesting early or chopping the whole thing for cannabutter if i wanna start some new plants? Any suggestions?

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