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How long?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by adum0123, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Hey, How long does it usualy take for the seeds to germinate in a plastic zip lock bag with wet papertowels?? and is there an faster way????

  2. Depends on the seeds & conditions, all being well about 4 to 5 days and so on, there isn't really a time period for this as far as i know, although normaly it takes mine about 5 days to show the first signs of germination.

    Let me just make it clear that i germinate by placing the seed into a ready prepared 1 inch rockwool cube & not in a paper towel, so seeing the very first signs of germination might take longer because the shoot has to search and find its way out of the cube. I would say for a paper towel germination the first sign would be in the first 24/48 hours or so, but dont quote me on that as i don't use this method.

    Hope this helps.
  3. For my first grow I used the paper towel method in plastic zip lock bag. It took 3-4 days. This time {my second grow :)} I will try the aformentioned process for 50% of the seeds and the submerged completely in water process for the other 50%. I will let you know which one takes longer in a few days.

    For my third grow, I plan to be smart enough to not even need to start from seed, but use clones from females only. Adum, you should check out Hydro's thread entiteled "need peoples opinion on this pic of white widdow". Man he is the expert. Good shit Hydro!!
  4. HIGH All, well I put mine in a jar of water and 24hrs later I'm putting it in a medium.
    If putting seeds in water it's best to put less in, say like five. Been doing it for eons and for me it's the only way.
  5. I found your post regarding your cloning technique very educational and have saved that string for future reference.
    I was wondering, if it were not too much trouble, would you mind doing a simular post on starting from seed germination ?

    How do you prepare the cubes... do you soak them in any solution first ? Are they slightly moist or very ? Do you place the seed into the very middle of a 1 inch cube ? What tempreture is best for germination ? etc.

    I like the idea of the seedling having to fight a little harder at the beginning, maybe breeds a tougher plant in the long run.

    lastly I've seen a lost of info posted on bubblers and rockwool but not a lot of info on canna cocoa.. do you use the brick or the bag of pellets ? do you still need to insulate it against mold ?

    Cheers in advance for any pearls of wisdom :D

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