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  1. should you let a branch hang to dry before its ive heard that you need to let it hang for at least a week...but i had one thats been hang drying for two days now and i just sampled the buds....they smoke fine, burn rather nicely (some of the best smoke ive ever had by the way) would it make a difference in the potency if i let them hang for a full week or would they just dry up even more and lose potency???
    :confused:im lost here:confused:
  2. Hey, look for Jason King's guide to curing bud, it is the best ever at explaining the process. I think you can find it online, through the Cannabible site.

    Yes, the bud gets more potent for at least a week after harvest, the trichomes are still developing. The slower you dry to cure, the more developed the CBC's and CBD's get as well. I hang for about a week, trim the bud, and cure it in a glass jar for a month, at least. It's like fine wine, you can't rush it. If you think it's great after a few days, try some after a month of curing and it will take your head off!
  3. thnx medicine al!!
    i cant wait to try it out :D

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