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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by steve, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. how long will it take them to sprout above ground once youve planted it. i germinated the seed also.

  2. mine come up in three to 5 days
  3. o cuz its been 5 days and still no sign
  4. give it a lil more..if its still not spawned in like 5 more days, try a new plant.
  5. hey stylzes ummm... one of my germinating seeds i put in a pot and have kept the floros above it 24/0 should i limite the lighting cause it hasnt come up yet and some of the seeds were planted yesterday and some 4 and a half dayzzz ago so is this coming up as to long a time the temp is constantly at 82 degrees i put plastic wrap over them and have just been watering with plain water no fertz cause that ruined my last seeds everyone said so... keep waiting or messed up seeds? First seed i planted feb 28th and the last one i planted the 3rd and inbetween there were total of 10 seeds planted did the paper towl method for germining just so main question is wait or no?
  6. give it more time out of 10 something will eventually come up how far are you planting them down I go 1 inch well like i said give it a few more days

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