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Discussion in 'General' started by dclacey, Dec 10, 2002.

  1. I have some friends who say that cannabis is a new drug and is man made. and i disagree, i have recieved information from somewhere that its been used for hundereds of years, now id just like to know who is righta nd who is wrong, no one believes me, they say im too stoned to know anything.
  2. the hemp plant it'self has been around for hundreds of years....however the process of making it into solid hash, that i'm not too sure of......Peace out....Sid
  3. I thought that it had been used for hundereds of years its just i had no hard facts so it just looked like me thinking i was right to everyone. So i thought id check with some people who would know :)
  4. ahhaha dude every1 knows that weed is a plant!!
  5. didnt the cavemen even smoke weed. i guess i am gonna have to read up on it in the next high times cause there is supposed to be an article on it
  6. the only "man made" part is the fact that we, man/woman plant the seeds!
  7. Ye i didnt see how man could make a plant especily since its been around so long, although i have hard some of the plants are modified to get more leaves or make the weed stronger, maybe they just misheard this information. But cannabis is definatley not a new drug.
  8. weed is organicly growin, therefor man is no part in this growing process, well except to apply the whole growing process. But stick with organics :p
  9. Cannabis has been smoked for thousand of years, originally in Asia.

    The term "weed" is a truth in itself as cannabis can grow in any climate and any soil condition, so therefore man doesn't need to help it at all.

    Tell you're friends that they should learn about it if they don't want to sound like dumbasses.
  10. well not quite any climate/soil, but most.

    Unless MJ has been genetically modified, now there's one for the GM

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