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  1. For those who have ordered from GrassCity, how long did it take for your order to reach the US? I ordered a WeedStar bong and picked the Registered Mail shipping option so I could track it. No movement on the tracking for about 10 days...
  2. from what i've read... give or take ...around 3-4 weeks
  3. My order took about a month.
    Im not in the US though, northwest canada.
  4. couple days
  5. Terrible move buying shit off here..
  6. I placed my order May 28th, Shipped the 29th, received June 11th. So just under 2 weeks to reach me in CT.

    Oh, but they sent me the wrong size slide. Ordered a 14mm slide, got an 18mm -_- Whatevs though, they let me keep the 18mm and a 14mm is on the way right now.

  7. How are you going to say that when you're using the forums they let you use for free... These forums wouldn't be around if the GC shop wasn't doing business.

    @OP My order took 3-4 weeks give or take to the east coast but that was also during the GC Christmas Sale order rush.
  8. Gc shop is garage what do you want me to say?
  9. Id expect people to not bash it... atleast on the forums they run.
    They may not have much as far as high end glass but they definitely have affordable glass for the less experienced smokers out there.
  10. Really there affordable? BS. I work at a local headshop in Houston(Owners told me not to say cause i do a lot of bashing on here) Anyways we have the same exact stuff for cheaper which blows my mind because its online everything is suppose to be cheaper.
  11. Even if its cheaper like you say, no reason or need for the bashing. This can end here so the thread doesn't become derailed any further.

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