how long?

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  1. Will somebody please check this pic. Have you got any idea roughly how long this plant has got left? And if the pic aint there I'm sorry but I'm on my mobile and I aint sure how to do it

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  2. To be sure you need to look at the trics under a 60x to get a true idea, the quality of the pic doesn't do it any justice, at a guess a few weeks yet I'd say.
  3. I was thinking maybe 3 weeks. But this is my first grow. I've heard about looking at the trics but I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Total beginer lol. I've also read about the small jewlers magnifier but I'm not sure where to get 1 so advice on where I could get 1 aswell please. I live in uk. Sorry for all the questions but like I said its my first time. Thanks for the help
  4. The easiest way to learn how to read trichomes is to follow the progression as soon as you see them on the leaves. Then you can watch them change. They will look like penises, complete with head and all. Milky to an amber color. Depending on your preference.

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