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How long

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mo King, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. As of right now, I'm clean. If I were to smoke a couple (2-5) bowls of reggies in a day and only a day, how long will it take to get clean?

    Inb4 people hating on reg/self-righteous weed snobs
  2. Depends on how active you are,
    How soon are you being dt'd?
  3. with good amounts of exercise i'd say a week or two
  4. Should have been more specific, my apologies. I run a mile and a half twice a week, weigh 200 lbs, drink excessive amounts of water a day (6-8 bottles) and am now taking niacin throughout the day, so as to be clean. Also, I'd appreciate no heresay or guesses, actual examples and time frames are most helpful.
  5. Everyones metabolism works differently my friend.

    A personal physical trainer could answer your question much better, with time frames and whatnot...
  6. Well according to the extremely difficult formula I just made up, exactly 5345.7 hours.
  7. I suppose my real question is, after having become clean, if I were to smoke a small amount of regular grade, can I be clean in a matter of 2-3 days paired with physical activity, plenty of water and a healthy dose of time-released niacin

  8. The trouble is I have no idea haha. I was recently placed on probation with recommended UAs, though my lawyer told me they most likely will not test me routinely as they don't view me as a desperate drug addict. I became officially ON probation three days ago and was told then I'd receive a letter or phone call telling me when to meet my p.o.
  9. Well are you going to try and get it out of your system or just hope it does?

  10. I suppose it would be possible to get out of your system in 2-3 days but you better prepare to work your ass off lol
    Smoking on probation is risky business my friend.
  11. Never worth it if on probation.
  12. Dude you're on probation, just don't smoke
  13. if its probation related, it'd be smarter if you didnt smoke...

    but if you absolutely have to, i'd look into goldenseal root and warm lemon tea. the lemon tea in the morning will kickstart your liver, making it flush out your system at a faster rate. lots of water and goldenseal afterwards and you should be clean in 2-3 days. its worked for me when i needed to pass a ua for a job.

    too much niacin will wreak havoc on your liver.

    but if its probation... just have a drink instead dude... good luck in whatever you choose.
  14. You have been on probation for all of fucking 3 days and you already want to smoke?

    Jesus and people wonder how people think you can be addicted to marijuana. :rolleyes:

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