how long you last.. honestly

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  1. Im wondering how long the average pothead guy last in sex.. im talking like the first nut! not the 2nd, or 3rd.

    Im 18 and If im extremely horny and the girl is hott, im gonna have to say no more then 5 minutes, maybe even shorter hahhaa.. but i can go another 2 to 4 times, and they last wayy longer. like 2nd nut is 15 mins. and 3rd and 4th go so long it hurts.
  2. First nut like 30 mins second nut close to an hour but I be hurtin after
  3. I'll admit. i only last a few minutes on the first nut. But after i get it back up, i can go till shes done.
  4. First nut 5-10 mins always varies though
  5. First one is normally between 5-20, but rarely 2-30, all depends on the day.
  6. 10-15 minutes 1st time around.
  7. anywhere from 15 seconds to half an hour depending on how laid back i am lol. i's be an honest man:p
  8. depends if I am blazed or not

    regular is probably 5-15
    blazed is like 10-40
  9. 1st nut:

    30 Mins. (If I use kegels or I'm stoned)

    10-15 Mins. (If I let myself go)

    5 Mins. (If the girl is a 9 or 10 in looks and if I haven't got laid in 7 days+)

    2nd Nut:

    Add 30 Mins. to every section above

    3rd Nut:

    Add an hour, etc.

    Anything afterword will chaff "mini me" and I'll need a few days to heal or even be in the mood.

  10. i last a very long time, a lot of times i can't even cum :(
    lasting a long time isn't always a good thing.
  11. lmao look a hank hill there xD
    lmao Narrow urethra ?
    lma i last like half an hour....
    but if im a to home i bust a nut in ten easily.
  12. First nut is inconsequential for me.

    It's the 2nd and 3rd where I make myself known.
  13. You have much to teach us.
  14. to be honest like 30 mins,
    but my new girlfriend cant keep up, i get her off in the first 30 seconds
  15. It can vary hugely. Sometimes 5 Min's. Others over an hour. Really depends on my mood. I have been in a relationship for nearly 4 years too...
  16. I try to get oral first.

    Makes me really motivated for the next couple of rounds.
  17. 30 seconds to bout 2 minutes.
  18. It all dependz really, sometimez I just wanna cum quick in 2 minutez and other timez I just wanna try to fuck for about 20 minutez thinkin' I'm a vampire, I don't know why I think I'm a vampire in bed tho

  19. hahahaha...for some reason this really cracks me up!

  20. Anywhere from 5 minutes to 30. If I'm high, those numbers go from around 15 to 45.

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