how long would you drive for bud?

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  1. i hit up my main guy to buy but he said he couldn't so i hit up another plug and they say they can meet up so i ask for the addy and they're 35min away. i'm already half way there so i'm not gonna go back now but looking back i should've just waited to buy tomorrow but is it's too late. how long would you drive/commute for bud

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  2. Like 10 miles but it better be worth it.
  3. Depends on what I'm getting and how much. I have driven over a thousand miles before. Typically though, half hour or less.
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  4. It depends on price, quality, and the amount. I don't mind driving an hour if I can get great bud at a good price. I usually pick up enough to last a month or two, and an hour's drive through the mountains isn't a bad way to kill time even without a pickup.
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  5. There was a this dispensary in LA, would drive 30min - 1.5 hours (its LA) for their version of caviar (they called it moonrocks) but it was $45/ 8th and I had to steady be on calling them to see when they would have it in. But yah longest I'd drive for that most places charge $50/gram for it (premium bud with shatter melted into it and coated in Keif)

    Now a days it comes from my basement so i don't have to drive around anymore

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  6. When I was younger, I would drive 90 minutes to get the fire.

    Now, I wouldn't drive at all. Always stocked and use a delivery service.
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  7. I dont drive myself but my I've got 3 guys I buy off 1 is a 5 minute drive from me the 2nd is a 10 min drive the 3rd is 20 mins away, I usually score from the 3rd guy because he does good deals I picked up 9gs for £35/$44 from him earlier


    Thats on of the nugs close up:smoke::smoke::smoke:
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  8. To the moon. :smoke:
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  9. :lmafoe:

    The things we would do for weed when we was young, I once walked an hour and a half with a friend in the snow to pick up a gram we got half way back to his and I'd lost it, ended up walking about hour and got 3gs was worth it in the end though lmao:smoke:
  10. Honestly, once when all the guys I knew were dry, and all the guys they knew were dry as well, I contacted a friend in a city 2 hours away by car haha. Thought I'd stop and have dinner there and stuff. Mad. He was dry too, though. Lol
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  11. Round trip is a minimum of 8 hours, furthest is about 16 hours round trip. But I am picky.

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  12. I'd say about an hour if it's really good. I've been pretty lucky though to have good friends who will meet me.

  13. 30 minutes preferably round trip. Once the crop comes in I would prefer only taking the time it takes to walk down to my basement
    The furthest I've ever driven is an hour round trip

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  14. Hour and forty minutes round trip. Usually pick up enough for 4 months
  15. 30 minutes but no more
  16. 15miles max put i can usually get it right down the street
  17. I don't have a local connection, so its a three hour round trip to the closest rec dispensary for me. I buy enough to last a while.
  18. it's really not fair for me to take part in this thread cuz I live in a legal state. I have 6 dispensaries all with in 5 min from me. I only go there for friends because I have my medical card and I can buy for 25% less than someone buying rec.

    My grower brings me a pound in October so I dont drive for that either. He drives about 45 min but he has other deliveries on the way.
  19. I would travel the next galaxy over if I had to. I have a magic carpet so it's no big deal.

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