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How long would it take to save up...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mogwai, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. How long, in your best guess, would it take somebody to save up enough seeds to make a beanbag chair with?

    I'm guessing >1 year.. But maybe with the help of a few friends pitching in it could happen. I think it could. Just imagine how fucking cool it would be to kick back in a bag filled with seeds and toke up. One of those things you just gotta try to do someday..
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    Probably forever for me, I can't remember the last time I found a seed in my weed.

    Not to mention that thing would weight a ton, it would basically be like a sack of grain or something.
  3. What...the....heck....
  4. Yeah, I'd have to go through a lot of mids. I honestly don't mind them because they're the most economical option for me though. They get me high and I'm happy with them, so I'll smoke em haha.

    My friend and I were discussing it and I think we're gonna try it. The topic came up of getting busted with it. It would fucking suck, but imagine how funny it would be to hear "some people were busted with a beanbag chair filled with marijuana seeds" on the news
  5. If you're finding seeds in your bud you need a new source buddy.
  6. Consider the size of a seed and the size of the chair. Maybe it's because I don't get many seeds, but it sounds like a life long project.
  7. Seeds in mids isn't unreasonable in my opinion at all. I can't argue with it.
  8. You might be the first person in history to actually posses a piece of illegal furniture. I like it. I dont see the point unless you could actually find a clear beanbag chair to start with though.
  9. A clear one would be nice looking. I can't help but think a hemp bag would be most appropriate. Haha I take it there isn't any clear hemp?
  10. I purposefully did a seed grow last year to have seeds from my favorite plants. Just shook the male over two females. Filled up about two sandwhich baggies off of only one plant so far. Still have to pick the seeds from the bud of the other plant. Depending on the size of your grow/garden, you could probably do it with 20 plants or less, but that's under ideal conditions. You get a helluva lot of seeds from one grow though. It's actually kind of amazing how many you get, kinda frustrating too. Im talking small bean bags though, the big ones would probably take quite a bit more.
  11. You could buy thousands of clear papers and make your own case!
  12. if i've NEVER seen a seed in my pickups, does that mean i have good weed? lol sounds like a noobie question, but that's okay.

    seriously though, people talk about seeds in their weed like it's an every day thing and i've never seen one. (I know what they look like.. just never seen any in my weed)
  13. Yeah, most times dank weed wont have any seeds. I can only recall one or two times we've picked up dank quality weed and gotten seeds, and each time there was only one in a decent size sack
  14. bout 20 years of smokin all day every day straight rancid ass bud
  15. Maybe its about the location. But in the last 5 years ive only picked up bud with seeds in it ONCE from a junkish looking dealer. Here in BC Ive never seen seeds in weed, mids or dank.
  16. After sitting on it and sweating on it after being used so much, it might actually start to grow.
  17. All seeds mean is that there was stress, a male nearby, or it's hermie. Any bud can be sensimilla. It has no impact on it's quality whatsoever.
  18. Hahaha! I think it was cool you thought of that. That's the kind of things I think of when I'm high! LOL!
  19. pretty sick high-dea there my friend.
  20. #20 RedSmiley, Aug 6, 2011
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    A long ass time..

    I smoke reggie most of the time, and It would take me more than a year to fill a sandwich bag, My shit does not come riddled with seeds.

    You couldn't be more wrong. Stress alone will never cause seeds to grow. And seeds do effect quality. Plants waste a lot of energy producing seeds when they could be selling the calyxes with oils and trichromes.

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