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How long would a joint last in an airtight, light proof container

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stroh, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. me and my friend jokingly thought of the idea of a "death joint", a joint of killer dank in a form fitting glass container(possibly like this, but glass and airtight) that was attached to a necklace and worn around the neck at all times. in a time of dire need(such as being faced with imminent death), the container could be opened and the joint smoked so you could go out blazing :smoking:. we figured the container could be painted in a decorative way to disguise the glass tube as a pennant, and have it fitted wit grooves so a leather cord could be securely fastened to it.

    would this be a plausible idea to pursue? we were pretty high when we thought of it haha
  2. 1. "Airtight" doesn't mean anything if there is oxygen in the tube. Either fill it with Argon gas, or Nitrogen gas, and vacuum pack it.

    2. Paint it silver, and then black. Keep all ambient light out of the container. I don't know whether it's true or not, but I've heard sunlight (via UV B), over extended durations will slowly transform THC into CBD.

    3. Make sure to keep it under your shirt to minimise UV exposure, and stabilise it with cotton so your joint doesn't fall apart under shock. (don't want your weed to fall out)
  3. you will smoke it before it ever goes bad.

  4. yeah. and what if you dont have a lighter?
  5. airtight means its air.. tight.. it doesnt let air in or out
  6. haha thats the fatal flaw of the idea, but even having a concealable joint holder would be kind of neat

    that would suck haha
  7. yea....when you close it there will be air inside...that won't go out...
  8. Brilliant.
  9. you could have it like a cross with the tube with the joint in it being the long part and the other part being a lighter and just make it look like a necklace
  10. From

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