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How long with a quarter ounce last a new smoker

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spitzz, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I'm new to smoking and have 0 tolerance I'm getting 1/4 ounce from a friend for doing a paper for him. How long do you think it will last me? I don't plan on smoking daily maybe just weekends and certain weekdays
  2. Probably like 3 months lol.
  3. If you only smoke a couple times a week, a quarter should last you a while. I'd say if you smoke 2-4 times a week a quarter ounce would last you a couple months at least.
  4. You could probably smoke every day a few times a day and make it last 2 weeks minimum. If you're doing it only a few times a week, probably a month.
  5. I can't remember how often I smoked when I first started, but a quarter would have definitely been a good fuckin' time I can tell you.:smoke:
  6. 2 weeks i'd say, thats how my first quarter lasted me.
  7. Depends on quality. I smoke twice a day give or take and a quarter of dank would last anywhere from a week to three weeks.

    I dont mess with reg so idk about that, but id say around a few days.

    Your situation:
    Dank: 2 months or more
    Reg: Maybe a month or so.
  8. Ya I seem to be more focoused after a smoke so I'm planning to get really high grades then have te weed talk with my mom, (not my dad until I have the cool parent on my side). If all goes as planned I can smoke whenever I want in my house, and I have a legit hookup for sour d a $160 a zip :smokin:
  9. I could go three months on a quarter smoking 4-5 times a week
  10. I smoke daily... multiple times a day... and a quarter would last me like a month.
  11. 2 weeks at most for me and a quarter but if I keep it all personal which never happens maybe a month.
  12. i smoke daily 3-5 joints 3-5 bowls (of my green)and a half o last me close to a month iv cut back since summer, so that could probly last you at least 2 months
  13. For me right now. About 3-4 weeks. thats vaping everyday and smoking joints occasionally.

    For a new smoker ill say a couple months.
  14. Im purchasing an ounce of Dank tomorrow and plan to smoke it daily anywhere from 2-5 times a say. How long do you suppose it would last me ?

  15. Around a month, most likely.
  16. I smoke nearly every day, 1 small joint (0.1g) on week days, a lot more at weekends. A quarter lasts me about 1 month. Now I have my MFLB Vape, so I am on schedule to make this quarter last about 6/7 weeks as I still like the whole process of rolling, preparing and smoking joints at the weekends. I know exactly how much I smoke because I have fairly bad OCD and make a complete list of weights, so I weigh out my stuff per joint and write it down on my list. Helps me plan my week out smoking wise, and when I need to buy more.
  17. How do you plan on smoking it though, if your talking joints id say about 3 weeks, if your smoking just bowls probably like 6 weeks
  18. A quarter lasts me a day or two.
  19. I would smoke it before the first week. You- I'd say 1 to 2 months, depending on how boring your weekends are.
  20. i go through an 8th in about 5 weeks. i try not to smoke during the week so i do it about 2 days a week. im starting to smoke more so itll prob last u over 2 months

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