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How long will weed...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bigmoe19, Feb 16, 2009.

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    I just got some northern lights (which is the first named i got) which is fucking amazing. My parents caught me twice in one week with red eyes and big pupils. My parents know that if your pupils are big then you are on drugs. I do respect the house and what not. My dad is off work, and he should be going back hopefully soon, so i would beable to smoke then. My parents are talking about a stuped drug test too. I was wanting to know how long can weed last without going bad? because no one wants to buy it from me, and the friends who do want to buy 3g for $20 like wtf lol, and i dont want to just through it away eather. The weed is in a zip lock bagy, that are thoes dubble seel ones. How can i have it last as long as posible?
  2. See if you can get a mason jar or something more air tight to store it in. It will be good for about a month after that it will begin to be less potent but since you got good bud it will still be smokeable for some time. How long are you going to wait before you smoke again.
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    Well my dad should be going back to work at the end of this month. He had sugury on his foot last october, and hes been of since because he has a walking job soo ya lol. Would a electric sealer work(i dont know what to call them) but it has a special bag with a machine that sucks all and i mean all the air out of the bag would that work???
  4. You can keep it for a long time actually, after a couple of weeks feel the dryness of it and if its getting too dry drop a small orange peel inside to keep the moisture up. But if you do that MAKE SURE YOU OPEN THE JAR EVERYDAY AND MOVE THE BUDS AROUND, its playing with the mold boundary.
  5. Well I really dont think this should be in Rec Mj Use, next time post in new users or w/e the section is called.
  6. peels aren't suppose to touch the weed. period.
  7. where do you live? don't put peels in it, it will mold. moldy weed= trash
  8. Marijuana doesnt make your pupils dilate. :) .. it only makes them red. :smoke:
  9. Sometimes it makes mine dilate, most of the time when im baked, it makes them REAAAL tiny. lol, like a fucking dot.
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    I can't believe no one wants to buy it from you. Thats not an unfair price or anything.
    *edit* oh lol. You meant they want 3 grams for 20.
  11. Stick that shit in a nice airtight jar. If you don't have any just empty out a jar of jelly, or better yet, just go down to the store and buy a mason jar. Whatever you decide to stick it in should be fine as long as it is glass, and airtight.
  12. charleyg, Bud does make your pupils dilate, so next time dont try to bust someones balls when your the one whos wrong.:)
  13. Freeze it. You can keep your bud for up to a year frozen, or at the very least refrigerate.
  14. Lets not forget about the Gobi desert marijuana thta's like a million years old
  15. Also one more question. Is there anything to make your pupils smaller when you are high? Is there a way to get your pupils back to normal faster?

  16. Opiates.
  17. haha but u wont pull when your stoned on pot and opiates
  18. What I do is keep it in the baggy then I use a "spice an Herbs" bottle you might find in your mothers cooking cabinet. the bottle is small an easy to hid plus locks in the smell and natural moisters. as long as you keep weed in a pretty well sealed baggy, jar, an out of sun light then it will last for a long time.
  19. i dont know of anything to make pupils smaller thats not poppin a pill.:(

  20. easy fix dude.

    roll a fat ass blunt, get like another homie, or 2, take a walk, smoke said blunt, get rid of all your weed at once, get faded, :) and eye drops for the redness

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