How long will this mix last me?

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  1. how long will this mix last me before i have to add any nutes? :confused: :smoke:

    pots are 4.5L transplanted 5 days ago plants are 16 days old.

    mix is:

    Hi-Soil earth 40%

    Compost Hi-Soil 30%

    worm castings 10%

    peat moss 10%

    Perllite 10%

    i put a layer of volcanic rock at the bottom for drainage
  2. ??????????????
  3. That's hard to say, I ran a FFOF and Sunshine #4 mix and that was sufficient for most of my veg (up until last 2 wks or so). The more often you flush (or if feed just water with a lot of run-off) the quicker the nutes will run out. I don't know how hot those particular soils are, plus some strains consume more than others, etc. Someone else might be better able to tell you more about those particular soils, but I haven't found a set answer for any mix.

    In my experience, i would just watch for signs. As long as your plants are dark green and perky they are ok (for veg), whenever this starts to change you need more. You could also try building them up to dosed feedings but back off if they show signs of unhappiness as it may be too much.

    When you get to flower you will definitely want to feed them a mix that is more suitable for that (higher P,K, Ca, Mg, Molasses, etc.), and some signs such as fan leaf yellowing will be normal.

    It's all feel, ya know?;)
  4. totally. thats what i thought too. i thought maybe someone here had used the hi-soil line before thats why i listed the percetanges but im getting pretty good at reading the plants. This is my second grow. so ill just give em water untill they ask for food :smoke:

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