How long will my plants stay in veg stage?

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  1. I potted my clones today, is there a specific amount of time that I wait before flowering, or is it something I can tell by the plant itself, thanks..... Any help is appreciated

  2. up to you..when you're ready for flowering put lights to 12/12 time table
  3. the time you wait is up to how much height you have to grow in
  4. its a twelve by 8 room 600 watt 10 ft ceilings, so I can flower in say 30 days if I want? Is anytime too long? im patient but damn boy needs to smoke, lol....
  5. 20-40 days is common for vegging. I have two rooms so I veg for an average of about 5 weeks. Just depends on your own setup and how much room you have!
  6. yep...i do 4 weeks in veg
  7. thanks I appreciate the advise, when I see utube vids of plants that are 30 days old and less than a foot tall it just makes me wonder.....
  8. then i forgot they prob started with seed
  9. There are so many variables that will determine a plants height. A common problem is lack of lighting (CFL's). Nutrient deficiency's and overdosing can also stunt a plants growth... as well as under or over watering... oh and temp as well. Yep there's a lot that can go wrong ;)
  10. im tryin to post a pic cant figure it out lol
  11. If you're waiting to start flowering for whatever reason, can you leave a plant vegging indefinitely?
  12. I veg until my plants get around 2.5 feet then switch to flowering, cause in 12/12 they still grow up to 2-3 feet more. My room is 8 by 8 by 8 room with 1200 and some watts. Try using tomato cages and train them in. Worked wonders
  13. Yes, this is how mothers are kept for years sometimes! I have heard however that leaving plants in veg over a year can have a negative impact but I have no proof.
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    If you're starting from a clone, you can switch to 12/12 as soon as they root.

    Really you could just put them on 12/12 as soon as you get them potted, but you probably want it to grow for 2-3 weeks after it roots if you are not doing a perpetual.

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  15. minimum people wait indoors from seed is when the plant gets to about a foot and a half. I wait til about 2 n a half feet. so anywhere between 30-90 days depending on the height you want or the setup your running because your 30 day plant may equal my 60 day plant or vice versa

    essentially long as space permits it indoors
  16. thanks for the picture help, now how often am I supposed to water a clone that was just potted?

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  17. Lightly once every other day. Maybe even every third day until the soil starts drying up. When the soil is wet, dont water, when its dry, water. Its not rocket science ;)

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