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How long will my house smell?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BongHitsAndAcidTrips, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. So it's cold as polar bear nuts where I'm at and don't want to get all bundled up to have a quick sesh. If I don't use a sploof or open the window, how long will the smell stay in the house? I have febreeze. And it's 9:30 am and my parents get back at about 5 pm. So that's about 8 hours. Should I just say fuck it, and not be lazy and smoke outside? Or is there a way to get away with it?
  2. oh yea you'll completely be fine, just spray the fabreeze and you're all good, just make sure you're not near any vents cause it could go to a different area of  the house
    but you should be fine :b toke on man
  3. Sweet. Haha thanks brotha ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391526570.523068.jpg
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    why chance it....obviously your parents don't approve..
    seems like a stupid thing to chance when you can just go outside and then not worry about it.
    Other wise all afternoon youll be paranoid as shit...
  5. You got snow and shovel? Build a Quincy hut (hollowed out snow pile) and blaze up in there. It's awesome.
  6. When I still lived with my dad, I'd do the same thing all day lol As long as you close all the vents and smoke with the window open and try to blow your smoke out you should be %100 ok. if you do it like that, and dont let too much excess smoke out into the room, the smell will be gone FAST.
  7. Just go outside literally like 5 feet away from the door and don't worry about anything at all

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  8. Smell doesn't travel as well in the cold as it does the heat so your safer in that sense, but why risk it? Go to your laundry room and find some dryer sheets and throw em in an old toilet paper roll. Easy sploof, if not, at least crack the window and blow your hits out the window
  9. Haha damn that sounds fun, once built an underground(snow) cave that could comfortably fit 4-5 ppl sitting down. Too bad I wasn't blazin then, that would be sick to box!
  10. does your bathroom have a fart fan?
  11. Just smoke in the bathroom, then shower after. Smell is gone in less than a half hour
  12. i'd say, from my experience, even with windows closed and no air freshener, the smell lingers for 3 hours TOPS. I've always used that as my window for when the parental units were stopping by or whatever. 
  13. Close the door and open 2 windows in the same room, Hold a lighter up to each and see which one has an "out-draft". Smoke in front of that one.
    Leave both windows open when you're done for a few minutes. Quick spray of room freshener, and walk out shit faced like nothing happened.

    I'm 55, but I ain't supposed to be smokin' weed in the house!
  14. You will be fine. Ignore the people saying to suck it up and go outside. I'm in upstate NY and it is fucking cold. No way would I be going outside to smoke. Just use the spray and make sure you have at least 2 hours before anyone comes home for it to air out.
  15. Find out which way the wind is blowing. 
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    You will be fine. Is there a window in your bathroom? If so turn on the shower as hot as it goes and sit on your toilet and hotbox the fuck out of the bathroom. Then when your done open the window and close the door and go back in an hour and spary. Then leave window open and close door again and repeat till smell is gone. :) Done this many times when i lived with my mom!

    I love smoking weed. Full time pot smoker. Tons of experience so hit me up for anything!
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  17. thanks I appreciate it. And sounds good thanks!
  18. No problem!

    I love smoking weed. Full time pot smoker. Tons of experience so hit me up for anything! Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum

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