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How long will it take to get weed out of my system?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by erovick13, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. So I believe i have a drug test on February 20th...I was a frequent smoker ( 2-3 times a week) an the last time I smoked was january 24th. I excercise everyday and am 5'6 and 146 you think I will be good by february 20th? Thank you so much 

  2. Probably will be. Take an at home drug test 2 days before. If you fail just go to a LHS and buy a bottle of quickfix synthetic urine and you're golden Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. i just wrotea very similar albeit more detailed forum

    this articlce says 21 days if you have any idea how to grade peer reviewed stuff it looks very relialbe but ive heard so many anecdotal stories that would throw this out the window, judge it as you will but it seems the outlok is poistive for you 
  4. Your'e gonna pass, no doubt about it. especially if you continue to workout. no doubt about it, do not sweat it, like the guy above said a few days before take a test in the morning with your first pee using front stream, you will pass that and youll be in the clear for sure. 
  5. bump...just for more opinions haha
  6. Dude 2-3 times weekly is not frequent. I smoke 2-3 times daily and am 6'2" and can have clean piss in 2 weeks easy. You will be good dude
  7. Sorry stays in your system forever! Nah, you'll be good. You lucky skinny fat free fucker! Keep drinking plenty of fluids, stay away from fats and salt tho, bacon. Treat the next few weeks like a goosd diet..fruits vegetables lean meats, and you'll be clean as you could possibly be. And don't waste money on a home test. They ain't worth shit, and only make you worry or give false hope. Keep clean, eat right and drink your fluids.
  8. bump ....sorry im just nervous and yall know what you are talking about ( thank you for all the opinions)
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    That gives you almost four weeks. You should be good, but you can never be too sure in a situation like this. I'd say 90% chance you pass.

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