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How long will it take for my system to get clean

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SevenString, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Just a basic question. This job I'm trying to get is probably gonna screen me. And I know many ways to get aroun that as last resorts. But I'm 5'10 ish. Around 165. Pretty good shape. I smoke mostly dank. Some Reggie when it's all that's in the room. I smoke a few times a week and have been for a few months. Approximately how long would it take for my system to clean itself?

    Ps. I will be smoking a lot during spring break
  2. Up to 3 months for the 'hardcore' stoner. Smoking a few times a week though only for a few months i'd say give it 2 - 4 weeks and you'll be completely clean. This is just my opinion but..

    Also depends if its a piss test or hair sample as from what i re-call hair samples can be traced wayyy through to about 5 months even on new growth.

    These are just rough numbers on previous experience, someone with more up to date info may be able to give you a more accurate answer though
  3. Yeah justpiss test. And I'll be taking niacin too
  4. yea long as u take niacin and drink ALOT of water i would say 2 weeks.....if u take a handfull of niacin the day off u will pass anyway...but high does make u hot as hell...i would take small doses of it and drink lots of water...u can clean out quicker than u think....and another note alot of companys do the mouth swab now cuz so many smoke.... and u can smoke up to 2-3 days of it if u can get that ...sometimes u can ask and they will if there already not...

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