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How long will it take for a small room to not smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sirtudge, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. I plan to smoke a j in the bathroom my dad will be back in about an hour or hour half will I have enough time if I just leave the window open a little or what ?
  2. Are you afraid your dad will bogart your joint? Or is it his weed and you don't have permission to help yourself to it?
  3. He's real harsh about it he don't like people smoking weed
  4. Step outside and stop worrying???
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  5. If you've told him you're not going to smoke then you shouldn't. When you're old enough to tell him you make your own choices and you choose to smoke weed then you can smoke in the bathroom.
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  6. Smoke outside. Never smoke a joint or blunt indoors.
    If you go outside, you'll be fine. If you smoke a joint indoors, you'll get caught.

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  7. I agree with everyone going outside is your best option and he won't be gone nearly long enough for the smell to completely go away
  8. I smoke inside all the time. Open a window and get a protable fan. Burn a candle also. or room spray.
  9. Thanks I decided to smoke outside good job he came back earlier then I fort thanks
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  10. Glad to see that you didn't get caught, but yeah never ever smoke a blunt or joint inside if you don't have at least 5 hours.
  11. If you smoke a J inside you're screwed. A few years back, every time I smoked one inside my tiny apartment (400 square feet), it took at least an entire overnight period (about 8 hours) for the weed smell to fully dissipate, probably due to it burning at a higher temp and with paper, creating more Carbon Monoxide. On the other hand, bongs, bubblers and hand pipes indoors allowed me to get rid of the smell in less than 20 minutes every time.

    As others have said, save joints and blunts for outdoors, and respect your dad's rules until you're old enough to take care of yourself. Him catching you now would be an offense against his house rules and also would break his trust in you. However, if you're your own man and are old enough to toke and create the rules surrounding it, then all he can do in response to your toking is voice his opinions.

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