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How long will it take for a gram to leave my system?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by As Above So Below, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Yes I know there is already a massive thread on drug testing, but I figured this would get quicker flames, I mean responses :p

    I got a gram of dank last Saturday and finished it today. I took 1 big rip from about a 10 oz water bottle everyday except Wednesday. So a hit sat night, sunday,mon,etc. I read a report from Yale that said 1 fat bong rip (about 750 micrograms of THC) takes about 2-3 days to leave your system. So I took roughly 6-9 decent sized rips, about 1 a day. I know there is no definitive answer to my question I just want some general advice.

    Would it take around a week or two you think? I workout a lot and just started running. I know there is a lot of information about how to clean out your system on GC already, I've read a lot of it, but over time I forget what works and what's BS.

    Any tips blades?
  2. switch the piss
  3. Assuming you didn't smoke regularly before this it will probly be out of your piss in a week.
  4. [quote name='"TankCostanza"']Assuming you didn't smoke regularly before this it will probly be out of your piss in a week.[/quote]

    ^^^ yeah probably 1-2 weeks. You can't just switch the urine? Less work and you don't have to stress about failing.
  5. theres no definitive answer man it all depends on your body.

    my advice, fill up on liquids and sweat it out at the gym. maybe even get a detox drink from the headshop, or something to mask the thc in your piss during the test.
  6. 30-40 day's.... thats the only educated guess you can get in this thread because everyone's different.
  7. Two weeks to be safe.
  8. To fasten the process increase your fibre intake (u can do this by simply eating more and more veggies or taking supplements if ur lazy) Throw in some cardio like morning runs or any type of exercise to get that THC out of ur system.
  9. Well...whats your height?
    Your weight?
    Your BMI?
    Last time you cut your hair?
    How many times you be pissing in a day?
    How about your date of birth?

    This is all important.

  10. To everyone: I was completely clean before I smoked last saturday. I was 100% clean.
    Thanks for the advice :)
    Not possible to switch but I have the luxury of pushing back the date to whenever I want :D I'm not stressing over it I am just curious.
  11. If you were clean before then probably 2 weeks if you stat active. I smoked about a gram a day and I passed a dt in 2 weeks just exercising, suana(sweat it out), and niacin. I can't really be sure if the suana and niacin really did anything, but doing some good cardio definitely helps.

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