How long will it smell?

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  1. So everyone In my house is sleeping (3 sisters and dad) and I'm done with exams and don't have school for a week. I usually have to take small bong rips, make sure the cherry is out, and put my lips to the screen to smoke in my it would be relaxing to have a "kickback" sesh for once to say and not be so tense. So how long will it smell if I smoke a bowl WITH THE WINDOW CLOSED? Sister doesn't wake up until 6 am.
  2. burn some incense along with it and you should be okay, I would open the window after you smoke though to air out and obviously towel the door, etc. 
  3. Man, these threads about highschool kids toking in their parents house are getting really tiring. 
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    If you smoke with the window closed and you have material and fabric in your room (500% chance you do) it'll smell for at least a day.
    The smell of weed just has to be aired out.
    If you can't toke inside, just take your ass outside.
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    dude i can relate sooo much i just moved out of my parents house like a week ago. it was very sudden as well i'm staying with a friend until i get on my feet.. but yeah like someone above me said, towl under the door, burn some incense, and at least open the window after you smoke
    edit: in my old room it was very small, with a big window and a small window and so when i had some good wind flow i would open both windows with a towel under the door and it aired out in like 2 minutes. and i didnt even blow the smoke towards the window
  6. Well I did have fabric so I just opened the window to not even have to risk it. Great sesh and I'm feeling good. Thanks guys, I appreciate it
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    Just blow the smoke out the window. You never know how the ventilation in the house works. If I smoke in my room it makes the downstairs living room smell idk why and that's with the window open as blowing out window Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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