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How long will it last?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Infyrno, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. My brother bought me some weed on Thursday. We smoked some that night, but he gave me a bit (only about enough for one full bowl, not sure about measurements.) I'm in college now so, obviously, chances to smoke are few and far between. I have it in some saran wrap, in a ziploc bag, and duct taped to the back of one of my drawers (I had to think quickly, my briefcase was starting to reek of marijuana.) I was just wondering how long it will last just sitting there?
  2. Wait so your saying because your in college opportunities to smoke are slim?? :confused:
  3. Crazy RA's plus I'm in the middle of downtown Charleston with very few friends, so yes, opportunities seem very slim at the moment.
  4. that's pretty much all i got out of that paragraph too.
  5. dude you can smoke all the time in college shit it better then drinking all the time like the rest of the kids at least at my school, even tho i do both but it should last as long as you need it too you. i mean its one bowl so maybe your gunna smoke it between two different times right. i mean itl last just fine may dry out excessively if its not sealed well
  6. Well to answer your question our weed should last about 2 weeks before it gets WAY to dry and it become harsh to SMOKE you'll still get high.

    -AK Ninja
  7. Just be stealthy wait until your alone in your room,
    make a sploof, blow out the windows (if there are any)
    then spray some axe or fabreeze
    its easy as FUCK to smoke in college,
    and there's no way one bowl makes your briefcase reek of weed...
  8. Maybe put some lemon peel or orange peel in there to help give it moisture so it won't be so harsh. :wave:
  9. Couple weeks maybe.. but the longer you leave it the less pleasure it will be to smoke.

    if you leave it for a while watch out for mould.

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