How Long Will It Go

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by ouncyboy, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. Ive got some sage on the go and ive been reading up on it on various forums and as usual had some conflicting feed back,THCseeds say its a 60 day finish yet ive read posts saying it can take up to 10 weeks also some say its hard to grow some say its really easy,also yeald thc says that the afgan in it gives it great yeald but ive read the yeald was poor come on gyes someone must no about this strain.
  2. like any strain, it depends on wher you get the seeds from.......which bank, some have better genetics than others, hence the diffrence in rate of growth and also also has to do with having the right conditions, someone could grow the same strain as someone else....from the same seedbank, and end up with twice as much bud, depending on their knowledge of growing, i.e humidity, temp, soil, watering, ferting, noticing defficencies, and correcting them quickly, using distilled water......etc....the list is way to find out is to grow it, in your conditions and see.................Peace out...........Sid

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