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how long will i crave weed for?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mcasprin, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. ive been off weed for 4 soon days and today its hit me hard im tempted to call my dealer but im battling my mind. it sounds like im on a come down from a hard core drug people must be thinking, but it is getting to me now. its not the first time ive stopped smoking weed i did it around 6 months ago and had a 4-6weeks off.

    but how long will i crave for before im fine again and the craving goes
  2. Just stop thinking about it and you shouldnt crave it. Keep busy. Go run.
  3. Wow 4 days & you fiending jk jk ... Do something to keep your mind off it & you'll be good ; exercise, play games , just stay occupied
  4. Find something to occupy your time you'll completely forget about weed
  5. Jesus this pathetic man, your having this much trouble to not smoke for 4 days? Just keep your mind off it and get some will power
  6. You have to want sobriety lol, its easy as fuck if u want it... Obviously your not gonna get anywhere if u sit around and want weed all day... You gotta not want it.
  7. Shit I usually don't fiend that long, exercise to take your mind off, drink lots of water, etc.

    Also if you want to get even higher when you come back I'd recommend you take fish oil pills or another omega-3 supplement like "Mega Red", takes about a month before it starts to work but it is noticeable.
  8. you're gonna crave it every single second for the rest of your natural born life

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