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How long will a typical joint smell last after smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by gerdss, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,

    im blessed to have my parents going up north every weekend during the summer so I can stay home to work and smoke weed.

    I always use glass (specifically my bong) but I want to light up a joint tomorrow (friday).

    If I do, how long will the joint smell last for?


    I appreciate any advise. Thanks.

    edit: my parents leave Friday afternoon and come back sunday afternoon, I will be smoking the joint friday night.
  2. A sploof will be pointless with a joint. It will smell for hours probably the entire day. Nothing open windows and some spray can't help.
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  4. Pretty high right now. Lol open all the windows in the house and spray. Then cover any fabrics in febreze in the room that you smoked in. You'll be good :passing-joint:
  5. alright, typical answers that I thought (open windows and stuff like that).

    I appreciate it.

    You know, I love using glass but at the same time, I got the house to myself and why not light up a joint once in a while.
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  6. Because it's not your house? Have some courtesy and smoke in the damn backyard if you want to smoke a joint... I am a daily smoker and I wouldn't smoke a joint in my house... they smell like shit and make the house smell like shit. At the least just man up smoke out of the glass (snappers) and blow it out the window....
  7. Yeah good point, I'm currently starting my first year of uni in September so I wouldn't even think about moving.


    thanks for that-. if it smells THAT bad inside, then I'll just stick to the glass bong.
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  10. I guess I never really cared for joints or blunts indoors anyway I always preferred to smoke joints/blunts out at a park or during a walk in the woods or something meditating with nature. And in my opinion yes just snapping a bowl out of a piece of glass and blowing the smoke out would smell significantly less... but I mean if you do smoke a joint Friday night you should be good by Sunday... and if not go to the store and pick up a bottle of ozium and spray it around the house.

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  11. The smell will definitely be gone by the time they get home. Just make sure you open windows to let fresh air in and also turn fans on and spray everything with febreeze. Also, the best option would be just to go outside and smoke if you can
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  12. Long long time! Better smoke a joint while you wait! Lol

    ... not my monkey, not my circus!!!
  13. A joint doesn't really smell for a set amount of time. The factors I've found that affect the lingering smell are:
    1. Size of room
    2. How ventilated the room/area is
    3. Scent absorbency of fabric and other materials in room

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