How long will a properly cared for lowryder#2 live if kept in flower after harvest?

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  1. Let's say I have one female lowryder #2. This is an indoor grow, controlled conditions. Obviously, this is an autoflowering plant, so I'm confused. It automatically flowers, but does it automatically die after a certain period? Or can it be kept alive indefinitely in the same controlled conditions that it flowered in, after harvest?

    And will pretty much any mj plant die after you have trimmed almost all the bud off?

    Reason I ask is, maybe one day I will have one. I would like to cut most, but not all the bud off come harvest time, and keep it alive long enough for it to hopefully grow some pollen sacks so maybe I can pollinate the remaining bud with them. Maybe this is wishful thinking? But I haven't grown before. Read a lot, but never grown.

  2. autos arent hermies

    it cant pollinate itself because only females produce bud
    males produce the pollen

    i may be wrong
    but i think my infos right
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    Does anyone know?
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  5. i'm pretty sure jadels 215 answered your question. the female will not produce your desired sacs...and from my understanding there is a window for harvest. too early or holding on too long will hurt its potential high:smoke:
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    Not trying to be a jerk, but I believe you're wrong. I don't think jadels 215 did answer my question.

    I have read from expert growers on this forum that females will grow pollen sacs if kept in flower long enough (well after harvest), and/or through light stress (disturbing the light cycle in a certain way). This may or may not apply to autoflowering plants, I don't know. If it does, I can always save the pollen sacs, and pollinate one female on the next grow, the object being to get feminized seeds.

    But the question I need answered is this:

    How long will a properly cared for lowryder#2 female live if kept in proper conditions after harvest (indoors)?

    Thanks. :D

  7. Once a LR2 is done producing bud, its done. You cannot re-veg it, because it automatically goes from veg to flower. Thats all it knows. Non-auto strains can be harvested, re-vegged and re-harvested if you have the time and energy to put into it. You could cause a plant to become hermie by stressing, but once you do, its done too. You can't undo a hermie. I'm not sure I get the point of your question, but hope this helps.
  8. Hi Tim. :)

    I'm not interested in revegging. I just want to know how long a female lowryder #2 plant will live if kept in the same controlled conditions (indoors). I wouldn't want to undo a hermie, either. I really just want to know how long the plant will stay alive. Let's say I never cut a single bud off of it. I just keep it in the same conditions that it flowered in, controlling ph, feeding when necessary, etc. I'm trying to find out if it will live for longer than a few weeks after the buds are ripe. That's pretty much it.
  9. dos it seems like this is something you might get a few conflicting reports on.

    it's best to experiment yourself.

    if kept in the same condition from time it pokes it head up till the day it is fully flowered I'd guess it could live fore quite awhile. But on the same token it could die, as it's created to do.

    No plant lives forever. Although some tree lovers will tell you other wise. With more and more time, more things are likely to go wrong.
  10. a flowering female can be rejuvenitated. to do this leave some of the large fan leaves and enough vegie life for the plant to continue living. put the plant on a 24 hour light cycle and after i believe a week (could be wrong on the time), the plant will start to show new vegitative growth. you could either induce the plant to flower again after a little time under a veg. light cycle or you could keep it in veg. and turn it into a mother plant.
  11. Hi Cucamonga. :)

    The lowryder #2 is an autoflowering variety, so I don't think it can be revegged. I really wouldn't want to, anyways. I just want to know how long it would live after the buds have ripened, if kept in the same good, controlled conditions indoors. That's all.
  12. you tell us dude.
    obviously no one has tried this. be the first and share your experience.:wave:
  13. I wouldn't say that it's obvious, just because no one who has tried it has weighed in.

    I can't try it, as I don't have the plant. I'm asking just in case I ever do get one. Someone here knows the answer to this, I'm sure. They just haven't responded yet. I hope they do respond, because if I ever do get such a plant, I don't want to waste my time doing an experiment that has already been done. The whole point of asking. ;)
  14. Once the LR2 is done flowering, it will die. It doesn't have the option of continuing to live because it can't revert back to veg.
  15. After the plant is past its flowering prime stage then it starts to die. you plant will die after harvest and no it would nto stay alivein optimal conditions
  16. Many thanks. :)

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