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How Long Will 2 Grams Last

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sammies17, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. I have 2 grams of some pretty good stuff. I am going to be smoking alone this summer or at least this 2 grams. If one medium size bowl gets me high and I'm only going to that much each time how many times will it last me
  2. How often do you plan on toking?
  3. figure out how much it takes to pack 1 bowl, then divide up the 2 gs into bowl sized pieces.  the number of bowl sized pieces is how long it will last you.
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    do you WANT to make 2g last the entire summer? 2g will last as long as you want... personally 3.5 lasts me a month
  5. this sounds like a math problem without numbers given
  6. It depends on the size of your bowl. One of my pipes barley fits 4 hits, while my friends can fit over a dub.
  7. Depends on your tolerance, it can last weeks if you're new, it can last a few days or less if you're not so new.
  8. I'll just wait till the weekend and smoke as much as I can then save the leftover to add to new pickup and repeat to build up my stash.
  9. It can hold a dime. I don't know what a fraction of a gram it is tho
  10. It can hold a dime. I don't know what a fraction of a gram it is tho
  11. Personally it would last me one sesh... lol
  12. damn for me personally 2 grams will last about 4-7 days at most. if its the weekend i can kill 2 grams in 2 days easy
  13. I'm not trying to use it for the whole summer. Just want to know if I do a dimes worth each time I do smoke how long will 2 to 2.5 grams last me
  14. it'd last one round for me
  15. it all depends on the person but you id say about 1.5 - 2 weeks aslong as you dont wait the shit if ur high un dont need to be higher then ur just waisting then ur gonna eventually pass oout n fall asleep till 3:30 in the am my suggestion to you is when you start feeling like your dozing and faiding in and out stop there that is more than a deacent high for more than 3 hours my friend
    what? If you smoke a dime, under the assumption you purchased 2 grams, during each session then you only have four sessions bud. If you have 2.5 grams then you have five sessions.
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    my average bowl pack is probably a third of a gram, if you have 2grams you'll get about 6-7 bowls?
    "medium sized bowl" is a relative term and much too vague, but in any situation I can't see anyone stretching 2 grams more than 10 sessions (and that's REALLY stretching it...)
  18. about 2 or 3 days. 
  19. 2.2. Seconds

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