How Long Until You Think Weed Will Be Legal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by ILikeWeedxD, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. How long do you think until weed is fully legal like alcohol?

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  2. Especially now that companies are starting to be established by millionaires and a lot of states are looking for a new source of income And Alot of states are voting for it next year. I saw by 2016- 2020
  3. That makes me very exited. I cant wait until you can smoke without even thinking about being charged

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  4. Never, just like cigarettes and booze.
  5. Cigs and booze are legal. They just come with a few subaws to em like age limit and driving under the influence

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  6. yeah well try selling some, try making some and try using it when you want too.  It's illegal, not sub laws.
  7. I'd say within this presidency or the next, as long as we keep democrats in the executive branch. MJ legalization is picking up so quick now, it's hard for them to shove it off this time like Reagan did. As long as we don't get a Republican in the white house in 2016, I think it's fair to say we'll see legalization some time between now and 2020.
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    I think if republicans don't win the White House next election then we'll be on the fasttrack.
    What we need is for the media to do what they do best, and somehow convince republicans that their views on marijuana are outdated,and stupid and they're losing votes because of it..mainly the youth vote. I fear for this country if a republican wins the white house next election...all politicians are scum, republicans are worse IMO.
    It isn't the dems who want it legal, if they did they would have done something while they held both houses.  The party is't who you should vote for.  The Dem leaders are breaking the backbone of the country and it's middle class.  Ovomit is definitely not going to legalize it.  That's how they buy votes, on broken promises and lies.
  10. Get the proper licensing and permits and you can grow your own tobacco and make your own booze. Get a liquor license and you can even sell it, imagine that, you just have to pay some taxes on that, but good lord that would be asking WAY too much for a person who is selling something as destructive as cigs and alcohol. Man people in this country are greedy as hell.

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  11. 2020-2022. About 3 years ago, I would've said around 2040-2050, but there are some brave/amazing people out there that are publicly expressing their opinion about legalizing cannabis, and it's momentum is almost too much to stop now.
    ie, my dad(medical doctor) use to be extremely against cannabis, but since I've smoked and talked to him about it, he's seen that it's no worse than alcohol(probably better actually). Now he said if he had to vote on it, he would legalize it.
    Don't be afraid to talk about it with others. If you can change one person's view on marijuana every month, it'll be legalized in no time
  12. that's not legal that is regulated by the 4th arm of Govt where our rights are stripped away without representation or due process of law.  If you break their regulations and restrictions or circumvent them then you are as guilty then as you are now and the punishment likely just as bad unless you have the cash to buy your way out, just like now.
    We want it decriminalized, off the books or let the States decide per the 10th amendment. 
  13. As much as I want weed legal, I don't want it to be regulated like alcohol either. Alcohol is different and should be handled differently, applying the same rules to weed is just asinine. That is like regulating beef products the same as fruits, it doesn't work. MJ isn't dangerous, alcohol is quite dangerous; therefore different and less strict regulations should be placed on MJ.
  14. As long as we have a 2 party system we will not see movement on the federal level. Neither party wants MJ legalized. I agree republicans are worse than democrats on the issue but democrats are certianly not in favor as a party. What it will take is a man like Gary Johnson to run for president (again) and be allowed in the debates. Ron Paul was a proponent of ending the drug war but too extreme on other policies to be taken seriouslly. Gary Johnson will not actualy have a shot at being president, but he can do wonders informing disinterested Americans during the long primary debate season.
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    Don't get me wrong, I'm independent (I hate the party system in this country...), but chances of legalization would fly out the window if we get a republican in the white house. I think at least a democrat might cave to the public outcray. Republican candidates tend to be too far up their own asses to listen to reason.
  16. It is my dream to one day walk into a 7-11 and pick up a 6 pack of beer and a pack of OG kush non filters. I say that will happen after the year 2020.
  17. That is my dream as well sir

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  18. i hope they don't start adding bs chemicals like hair removal cream i will boycott it and grow my own.. and we should be allow to grow this tree in our backyard and pluck from on occasion, i don't want mids with seeds being sold in stores but seeds should be sold too. i think we should be allowed to legally grow non-commercially and grow equipment should be legal to buy too just like growing tomatoes and herbs for your salad.
  19. This...republicans tend to be stubborn as fuck lol.
  20. This would be awesome!

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