How long until seeds are viable??

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  1. Hey Everyone -

    I hang out in the Outdoor Grow section most of the time.... But I am over here to ask a question of you folks!

    I have 3 male plants that I have kept alive to produce pollen so I can cross with females I have growing.

    The males I have saved are (Northern Lights X Shiva) - (Hindu Kush) - (Early Girl X Big Bud).
    I am going to selective pollinate just a couple of colas on females (Swiss Miss) (Hindu Kush) (Northern Lights X Shiva) to produce seed stock for future grows!

    My question is --- How long before pollinated buds produce seeds that are viable?? I plan on taking the buds to finish and then pull seeds out and smoke the bud anyway but I was wondering when the seeds are mature enough to grow?

    Anyone ?
    Anyone ?
    Bueller ??

    Thanks for the help....
    Kisses -

  2. From what i've seen and read seeds aren't truly viable until the bud is nearly mature. this is not to say that a few weeks before there won't be any mature seeds, but typically they are not ready until nearly the end of the flowering process. U can tell when seeeds r ripe they look ripe and mature and not like a white primo seed, there are other factors that can alter this such as strain and when pollinated but I would wait until bud matures or the seeds look mature just 2 b safe... Good luck Little girl..

  3. Hey Everyone -

    No other info on this topic for me??? Help a girl out with a little info please.....
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  4. This may help ;)

  5. My method is a bit simpler. Take all the precautions above about isolating males etc. When ready, shake your male into a plastic bag. Tie that bag around one branch of a female, give it a good shake and leave for about 5 days.
  6. im pretty sure your method is the exact same that i posted, sept there's a few more details in mine (seed mature time etc..)

    btw, if you store the seeds in a dark cool *DRY* space they will last for years!

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