How long until I should harvest??

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  1. Hey guys,

    I don't have a microscope or anything but I cropped the photo on my computer to try and see the trichomes.

    My expertise in cannabis growing is limited to this one grow as it is my first.

    Anyone got any input on when I should harvest?

    She's been 12/12 for about 65-70 days now, bagseed (but I'm pretty sure it's a sativa)

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  2. You can harvest now. Or you can wait another week. I wouldn't go longer than a week.
  3. looks good to chop. did you flush yet?
  4. Yea make sure you flush it good.
  5. This is great news!!:D

    Ya I flushed about a week ago maybe a little less (6 days?) Should I do it again for good measure or will once suffice?

    Another question I have is should I chop right at the base of the stem and hang the whole plant? or should I take the larger branches off and hang them individually

    thanks for the input guys!
  6. Flush for another week and you should be good.
  7. ditto and ditto looks really tasty hope you cloned her.
  8. Looking really nice. I personally would go at least another week, if not 2. But you could harvest. Trust me when I say the wait is worth it.
  9. I agree with todder, another week maybe two
  10. Thanks for the comments guys!

    I will definitely wait another week and flush her again cuz I've been babying this one and want it to turn out as nice as possible.

    Unfortunately I did not clone her (regretted it since! I might add) If I had of planned ahead more when I planted this one I would have for sure, especially since she turned out so nice!

    It's ok tho because I have 2 Purple kush beauties flowering shortly behind this one:D

    I'll post some pics up of the buds when they're chopped and dried:hello:
  11. Oh and I didn't get anyones opinion on whether I should chop her the base and hang the whole plant (she's not that big) or cut off the individual branches and hang them.

    What do you guys think?
  12. chopo thje base hang the whole plant the stems have oils in em that go to the buds in the drying process.

    u can also clone it still. take a bud with some branch still connected to it, give it rooting powder, stick it in media, take care of it.
  13. Really? I didn't know that cloning a flowering plant worked
  14. or do a revegg then take clones
  15. Hey,

    Just wondering if anyone had some experience they could impart to me about the proper time to leave my girl after flushing for the last time before I chop her? I've heard one or two days or until the dirt is dryish but I'm not sure if it's true.

    Also, if I were to flush once more today and chop on friday do you guys think that it would be enough time for the soil to dry sufficiently?

  16. Congratulations you can tell you put your time in on this.

    Your plant looks amazing, I hope it tastes as good as it looks.
  17. i go cloudy little amber trichs
  18. I'm a strong believer in chopping the plants branch by branch and letting it dry that way. Trimming off all the fan leaves and sugar leaves, saving the latter for hash if you're up to it.

    I harvest the day after I would regularly water. So if I watered every other day, I'd want to harvest 3 days after my last watering.

  19. Thanks man! I've babied this one and she's turned out great:D I'm stoked to smoke her up haha

    Thanks for the info Bog!
  20. Here's some pics from yesterday.:D

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