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how long until i can change an eyebrow piercing?

Discussion in 'Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art' started by NFloyd2357, May 31, 2010.

  1. i got my eyebrow pierced right around 4/20 - they told me i needa wait 3 months - it kinda feels healed already but i got ear gauges before so i know that it almost definitely isn't - thing is, the lady didn't give me the piercing i wanted, and since my eyes were shut, i didn't see it until it was all done. not only did she not gauge it, but she game me a hoop.

    i got this:

    when i wanted this:

    i've just been covering it with my hair mostly and it looks fine, but i'm getting a haircut tomorrow... ugh i dont wanna wait till like the beginning of july

  2. cool - do you know if i'm going to go up only one gauge do i need to use a taper? the woman who pierced it said no
  3. to be honest i dont know.
    I have snake bites, but when i got them i was with another chick that got an eyebrow peircing and the worker said 6 weeks to both of us, if i were you i'd talk to someone who peirces. I dont think you would need a taper, just take it out and pop in the new jewelery.
  4. within almost two months
  5. You could go in to a piercing place and have them change it for you. Might be easier that way.

  6. yea, i gotta go in now anyways, the little ball that holds the piercing in fell out in my sleep last nite so ill be going in tmrw

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