How long until harvest?

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    Hey GC,
    I've been looking, and can't find even an average time anywhere...

    I'm growing my first plant, and today i noticed that some of the white hairs are turning redish from the tips. I know that this is a good thing, but I was wondering, How long does it take from now till Harvest time, (75% of the hairs are red).
    Thank you.
  2. If you can, please post a picture, and what strain are you growing? I have averaged around 17 weeks total growing time, about 14 weeks at 12/12. Get a jeweler's loop and check out your trichomes. They should be milky and some amber. Sometimes I harvest 1/2 the plant and let the rest grow for a few more weeks and see what I like best. Take notes and it will help in the future. I have learned each strain and plant is different, and it depends also on the lighting you are using.

    I hope this helps,


  3. Thanks for the reply, it made me realize how clueless my post was...
    I forgot to mention I'm growing outdoors. And it started forming the white hairs about 1-2 weeks ago.
    I'd like it, if possible, To be a more of a head spin high? I've heard that harvesting earlier when the trichomes are showing first signs of amber?
    I'll upload a picture ASAP.

    Thanks for the reply, hope you can write back.

  4. If you began to see the pistils forming about 1-2 weeks ago then you have 7-9 possible weeks left depending on genetics

    It is gonna look something like this,
    First the white pistils come out
    They will fill in the gaps between the internodes and begin tops on the other side branches

    Later they may begin to turn orange or reddish but thats ok
    Days later you will see a bunch of white pistils all over again
    This process repeats for weeks and really takes off towards harvest time

  5. i dont mean to jack this thread but rather than make another "how long till i finish" thread uhm....

    how long do i have?? i said until june 1st but the upper colas have some amber, lot of cloudy, but some of the buds on the sides look like its still growing...sooo???

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  6. looks good to me
    show the whole plant
  7. oh and its a skywalker og clone if that matters.

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  8. Looks really close
    What does the resin look like on the buds?
    More cloudy than amber or clear?
  9. more cloudy than amber yes, u can see some amber on the top of the colas. just from looking around the net and what some other growers are telling me, i'm gonna chop her next wed.
    i took a sample imma cure and check to see where im at.

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