How long until harvest for this plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by fearfulfour, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. I took some close up pictures of my plant and wanted to know about how long from harvest it is. IMG_1276.JPG IMG_1275.JPG
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  2. Few days a week at most
  3. Damn she is icy !!!!! I would wait a week like Mr.B suggested. Do you have a Loupe ?
  4. They’re like $10 at radio shack I think
  5. Beautiful bud! I had a lady that had the majority of leaves turn yellow, and drop without assistance, I have a glass I ordered from Amazon for about 12 bucks (60X120X) I believe. My trichs were 80-85% cloudy, with the remaining trichs amber. I was confident (fairly) that it was time to harvest, posted a few pics of my first ever harvest, so proud that I started my girl from bag seed, posted a few pics, only to learn I should have waited another month... ☹️

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  6. 4 days, 6 hours, 27 mins and 9 seconds away from harvest.
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  7. Do ya plan to flush if so I’d start soon depending on your medium.
  8. You can harvest NOW if you want but it's mostly up to you depends on what high you are trying to achieve..
  9. How's that possible? Isn't that the primo time? That way it isnt super couch lock? I think most people say wait till Amber trichs but I think they must mean 25%+ Amber because I've seen pics with, like you said, 80%-85% cloudy with the rest being Amber and people say wait 3 weeks. I understand bud gets more dense and thicker in the remaining weeks but is it worth it if you pass out after 2 hits? I get that is the effect some people like, I enjoy it myself for insomnia but that seems to be everyone's go to if they want all the trichs Amber
    -To a blooming budness, cheers
  10. 20-80% amber is fully mature,
    super couch-lock is strain dependent, but strains can vary in effect quite a bit between 20% and 80%.!!
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  11. I've got some gg4's in, trying to get the timing perfect, don't wanna be in a coma stuck to the floor.
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  12. OR DO I ???
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  13. there are some indica dom. strains that have sativa like effects.!!
    if you are skeered harvest at 20% amber, that way you get most of the weight.!
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  14. Or could semi crop and leave rest to mature a bit???? Best of both worlds.:) :) :)
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  15. So 20%-30% amber won't give me a couch lock on a hybrid that is indica dominant? Generally speaking, I know it is strain dependant. Side note, I plan on harvesting different plants at different stages so I can see which I like best. I have 11 ladies so I can try like 3-4 plants at each phase and them have a variety of smoke depending on what the event calls for

    -To a blooming budness, cheers
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  16. the amount of amber trichpomes at harvest dictates the strength of the final product,
    it does NOT magically change the plant, but effects can vary dramatically between 20% and 80% amber,
    if you are worried about "couch-lock" effects then your are growing the wrong strains,
    try Sativa dominant plants, sativa's (in general) provide more uplifting, cerebral effects.!!
    definitely stay away from strains like Skunk #1, Hash Plant, Aurora Indica, and others, these are too strong for you.
  17. 2.54 am had an epiphany, jewelers loupe is a pain in the ass to use when incredibly stoned, what could make my life easier????????

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  18. a small microscope, at least a 40x, costs about $12 at Radio Shack.
  19. Took that shot with an eyepiece taken from an old rifle scope 40x ;) cost #fuckall.
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  20. That was the epiphany. Lol
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