How long until harvest? (first time, total noob)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dannee0011, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Around 10 weeks old, pics below

    They say 70% pistils amber before harvest for best thc result but others also say to go by the trychome

    My first plant, any advice?
  2. I say go by all of it. The plant, the color, the pistils, the trichomes.
    One thing I like though is to lean on boosters and drop nitrogen in the last couple weeks,
    you are probably going to flush now, so the N will lower.
    Good job
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  3. Isn't it 70% cloudy and 30% amber, I thought amber pistels where filled with CBD instead of THC
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  4. You are right about the color (70/30), but THC and CBD are both degraded into CBN, not CBD/THC. CBD is made exclusively by CBDA synthase and THC is made from THCA synthase. They originate from a common pool of precursors (CBGA) but never CBD-->THC or THC-->CBD.
    *edited because I grammar bad
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  5. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes!
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  6. How long more do you think I need to wait? 2-3 days or a week or more

  7. I want to see the entire plant. If you can, try to take a super clear closeup where we can magnify to see the trichomes too.
  8. There's three pictures in the album

    Camera won't go any closer I fear

    Nickel and diming by other attributes what you reckon?
  9. Anyone?6
    Trychomes are not cloudy but crystals are there. Pistils are 60% brown
  10. I would hit it with boosters for another week. There's maybe an entire round of pistils coming for extra stacking. I see its still quite green too, so yea, boosters, with low or no Nitrogen.
    If it doesn't improve then just flush it and go.
    Also, is it possible to add some lighting to the lower parts? Even some CFLs or something to let her ripen a bit more down there.
    This is what I would do.
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