How long until budding ?

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  1. So I planted three random seeds 4 weeks ago and they are a foot and more taller but I noticed on one of them these white hairs .. That's the sex of the plant which I thought you can only tell once they are in flowering stage so I figured out its a auto seed .. But how long til buddings or til the thing is done flowering and I can harvest ?
  2. The hairs will show when the plant is mature even if shes a photo.. doesntmean its not an auto but it could just be preflowers... no experience with autos, but a lady will show her bits even in veg, just to tell you shes ready for flower when you are...
  3. As far as how long budding, again if shes an auto, i have no clue, but if shes a photo, i have no clue... all strains are different, and can require from 6 or 7 weeks in quick flowering strains, to 14 up to 16 weeks for slow strains... i think most average around 8 to 10 but the plant shows signs... leaves yellow, pistils turn orange and recede into buds, calyxes swell, trichomes will begin to change from clear to cloudy to aamber, of which you should do a bit of reading to find what you need, however most like 30% or so amber trichomes when they chop a plant, some opinions still vary upon the high you want to acheive... it would be best for you to do some reading, perhaps a few google searches, and search a little here on grasscity first, as you will likely find everything you need... couple hours of browsing and your on your way..
  4. You dont have to change cycle to 12/12 in order to see preflowers, however if it is an auto it will keep goin and not stop at the pf's...
  5. It might be a pre flower dude y do u think its an auto. My lady I got flowering now showed her sex 2 weeks b4 I switched lights to 12/12
  6. I'm wondering do you mean it takes 7 weeks from seedlings ?
  7. Times are usually indicated in flower time, as you dont have any set time for veg.. we use veg often to determine and control plant height to our growin space.. i have heard of toppin autos, but im not the man for auto advicce... hopefully someone with more exp will chime in on the auto world
  8. With a photoperiod it could be 8 to 15 weeks from when u see the first pistols iit depends on the strain. With autos its from the time they sprout out of the ground
  9. I don't doautos either to me its a waste of lights and time
  10. Have you grown autos at all?
  11. No my buddy tried them. They r fast but not as big of a yield and we thought the buzz wasn't as good either. Id rather spend the extra month or so to get more and better smoke. Plus u can't clone them either
  12. How long does his auto take? Do you know what kind of strain you guys have tried ?
  13. Took like 70 days or so if I remember right. Don't know the strain it was
  14. A lot of people like autos but they r not for me. Its like u got no control over the plant. I like to control how big I want her and when I want to flower her
  15. How many grows have you had ?
  16. I started growing in the mid 70s on Midway Island
  17. What increased yield for you
  18. A lot of things experience did a lot, lights, training. The more u grow the more u know. I learned something from every grow
  19. Can you comment on my first grow in my latest forum
  20. From what I can see its looking good looks nice and green I use my phone so the pics don't come out big and I can't zoom them on the forum

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