how long to vegetate?

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  1. I know this is a worn out question but how long should I vegetate my plants for before switching to a 12/12? I am growing chocolate Thai I germinated the seeds around nov 1st. Transplanted them about 2 weeks ago into there final pots and they are roughly 5 inches tall and about 8 inches wide at this point in time.

    They are growing under 600w hid MH 4000k
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  2. There is no magic formula. It's your choice.
    Keep in mind that during flowering, plants tend to double or even triple in size.
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  3. A longer veg will produce bigger harvest. Have fun.
  4. I veg for 3-4 weeks.
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  5. That's in some ways a question you can only answer with experience. Most people grow to fill the space they have. It can be really tricky to guess when is a good stopping point. Usually they say plant strech 50% when flipped to flower, so imagine them getting 2x as big. Do you still have the room? That is usually a good rule of thumb.
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  6. I veg for 8 weeks. I seem to get better genetic expressions when I don’t rush them to flower. :thumbsup:
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    unless you want to lose yield, veg until your space is filled. Any space not filled is loss of product. Using various training methods to keep plants flat until space is maxed out.

    My veg time depends on plant count. Fewer plants longer veg time, more plants shorter veg time ranging from 4 to 12wks. Light will also play a factor in the amount of growth obtained during this time. Quality light equals shorter veg time.
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  8. Tell us what your going to flower under ? Total watts. Tell us how much room you have ?
  9. Since I flower for 10 weeks I veg concurrently for 10. It takes 2 or 3 weeks to solidly root a clone and that leaves me about 7 weeks to veg it up as big as I can.

    Harvest the flowering plants and drop a vegged plant in that just harvested slot. Take your cuts for the next set of clones the same day I move the veg stage to a flower pot. This way all my cuttings come off veg stage plants at their fullest.

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  10. How long you veg is more related to how big the space is and what efforts you take for training the plant. I do one grow per year with 4 plants so I need to make the most of it. I manifold within 30 days from being planted in soil. That's when I consider my veg has officially begun. Veg time is an average of 8 weeks in my room. That time is used to spread the plant out to fill its space fully, then flower begins. I average over a pound per plant. If I did half the veg time my yield would be about half.

    Work your space and dial in your grow over time based on the experience you build working with it and understanding it.

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  11. I read somewhere that if you veg until the plant is mature (alternating nodes) it will minimize chances of intersex traits in feminized seed plants.
  12. From Romulan Genetics: "We recommend growing all feminized seeds in the veg. state until they have reached sexual maturity (pistils beginning to show) before flowering them. Stabilization through cloning is also recommended for those who prefer that route. This drastically reduces the risk of intersex traits that may be experienced by a very small amount of growers *(higher rates can be experienced with feminized (S1) seeds compared to regular seeds). We have thoroughly tested these seeds just like all of our seeds prior to releasing them, and found no issues, but based on our experience those who rush fem. seeds into flowering from seed tend to be the ones who we see have problems." YMMV.
  13. depends on how much room you have, what ever you do think when it come to flower they will stretch to double the size you flip to flower .
    if you have room and at least 10 gal pots , let um role to trees bro
    i got some chocolate thai from swami seeds years back and never have grown them so i be checking in on ya hahahah, were did you get yours from?
  14. 5 inches tall after 42 days from sprout doesnt sound right do you have pictures?
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    I thought about that after I said that particular date in time. I believe that I germinated those seeds on October 27th, I believe it was on Nov 1st I put em in the solo cups
  16. What strain ?
    Do the math, for example The top of my DWC system is about 11 inches tall .
    I grow sativa and I use well rooted clones, at 3 to 5 weeks the plant has been topped and some of the lower branches have been trimmed off and in the first trellis netting tier .
    Plant is at least 12 to16 inches tall and flipped to flowering for 14 weeks .
    The plant will grow at least a 1/4 to a half inch per day then times that by 120 days of flowering.
    My plants are are up and into the lights atthe end of flowering or at harvest.
    My tant is 7.5 foot tall, your lightswill hang down ten or more inches.
    you need 12 to 14inches from the light to the plant .
    That gives about 3.5 feet to grow a plant that normally grows10 feet tall or allot more

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