how long to veg?

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  1. how long do you veg a photo for? what to expect out of longer veg? and shorter? does bigger plant mean more bud? if ive topped 2 or 3 times do i veg longer than if i hadnt? a few
  2. You veg a plant as long as it fits your needs. Plants get 2/3x bigger in flower so a general rule is to veg till you fill half your place then flower.

    Of course bigger plant means more bud.

    Topping requires a little longer beg time becuz the plant needs to recover after topping
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  3. I just answered this for someone else not even 5 minutes ago, but here ya go...

    VEG - 18 hours on, 6 hours off -- or if want constant growth, go 24 on. You can veg for as long as you wish, whether that be 2 - 4 weeks or 2 - 4 months, its strictly up to you... but BIGGER ROOTS = BIGGER FRUITS! So obviously the bigger the plant, the more POTENTIAL for yield.

    As for topping, it adds stress and stunts growth but only temporarily. Normally it only takes a couple of days for the plant to recover, but then it's back on schedule. So I guess if you topped it 2 or 3 times you could add an additional 7 - 10 days to your veg time. If you plant to Scrog, the extra veg time is worth it to ensure a nice, full even canopy.

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  4. thank you, in trouble tho. 20 plants 4 reaching 3ft, the rest right behind. no tent...
  5. Well you can make a makeshift tent cheap with thermo blankets. Or if you are growing in a room, wall can simply be painted white.

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