how long to veg..?

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  1. my first grow. i got a 250w mh on 4 plants. there 5 1/2 weeks in looking real good(8" tall 8" around) how long sound i let them veg. for before starting to flower?
  2. It is all comes down to how much of head room you got ,plants will triple in size by the end of the 1st month of flowering (12/12 cycle ) . Keep in mind also height of your reflector,distance between your reflector to your plants and height of your pot(bucket) .Lets say that you switch to 12/12 when your plants are 1ft tall , by the end of the first month of 12/12 they will be about 3ft high (growth (UP) will stop after the first month of flowering) ,lets assume that height you your pot is 1ft ,reflector height is 6" and distance between your light and your plant is 1ft , so we got 3+1+1+0.5= so you need at list 5.5 to 6ft tall grow space if you want your plants to flip to flowering when they are 1ft tall....
  3. General rule is around 2 feet for most indoor. U can veg as long as u want if you are toping or LSD or super cropping
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    So how much of the general head room are we talking about?I do not think that there is a rule , some people go to 12/12 right from the start , I think it all comes down to how much of the head room you have , if you have high ceilings and strong light then you can vegg longer and as result you'll get more of meds at the end , if grower has limited head room he can approximate how tall his plant must be before flipping to 12/12.....All he have to do is to calculate...
  5. thanks for all the help. didn't really realize how big they got during flowering but i think im good my little room is 5.5' tall 4' wide 2.5' deep. so i think if flower like when there a 1ft everything should work great....:D
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    To answer this^^^^^^
    When he said.......

    ........ I dont agree that it WILL triple in size.

    it WILL double in size, and CAN triple. --- Ive only had 1 plant ever become triple its original height.

    Just a little different wording ...... RO76 is right, its all about the headroom really.

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