How long to veg fems?

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  1. Hello. I can only grow from april thru sept. so i ordered some White Label Northern Lights fem. seeds. These are 45 day plants so it should hurry the process along. How long you think i should veg. them. I'm looking for a nice ballance between yield and speed. Thanks.
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    i only veg for like 2 weeks then flip them and i pull like 10 pounds off six lights 85 - 100 plants.
    If ur growing from seed have fun it takes forever i always use clones so i cant really say
  3. Veg as long as you wish. Normal is 2 weeks, 3 weeks though.
  4. Work your schedule backwards. You have to end in Sept (does that include drying time?), figure 9 weeks for flowering, an extra week in between just in case, then see what date that takes you as to when you should flip to 12/12. Veg from when you get your seeds and your op is ready until that date because in general the longer you veg the more yield.
  5. Good idea Toasty. I have to harvest the end of Sept. so drying and stuff can take as long as it takes. I have a grow box i've been useing for awhile now and it's all dialed in. I've always had unlimited time so this schedule is new to me. That's why i got the fem seeds. I'm going to clone and my veg chamber is seperate from flower chamber so i hope to get a nice little perpetual going. Just need enough to last me and my wife thru untill April comes again. Anyone grown out any of the White Label Northern light fems? How did they turn out? I got mine from the Doc. Thanks.
  6. Ive been vegging for 2-3 weeks and I get 7.5 out of 5 lights with 8 weeks of flowering on the dot. I start from clones though not seeds, dont have the patience for all the fucking around that goes on with them.

    Interested: Are you growing in dirt and how big are your pots? I use 2 gallons and cram in 135 plants under 5 lights.
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    I grow in dirt and ido three plants under two 150 HPS in a 20x24x 50 in box. This is a new strain to me so that's why from seeds. Once going i plan to clone so that will help the time thing. I also think i'm going to up it to four at a time. The pots are nine liter.
  8. he made me do it i use 3 gallon pots and i use a soiless mix called promix. i am using hp right now which is high drain but usually us bx which just hadi less perlite
  9. I assume this schedule is designed to take advantage of the cooler months? I save so much money in the winter growing, just thinking out loud. Regardless best of luck to ya.

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