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How long to veg before flower?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by wanderer46, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. First indoor grow... Top 44. I'm wondering how much time I should veg before I start flower?

    Does a longer veg period produce more yield because there will be more places for buds to grow???

    The pic (if it posts) is 16 days old.

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  2. You get to decide the answer to this. Yes you get a better yield the longer you veg, but also you need a higher lumen requirement with a larger plant.

    Rule of thumb: you plant grows 3.5x it's veg size in flower.
  3. agree with above poster. if you want to clone, you should wait until the plant is big enough to support the cutting of clones, but it seems like if you can be patient (and have enough room) you should wait till it's about 1/2 the size of what you can fit in the flower room.
  4. beautiful plant...you've got it dialed in...short internodes..must have light and temps right on...would check out the plant training forums...lst...i would top twice..get 4 main kola..then lst...might scrog that baby....keep up the good work...easy on nutes:smoking:peace deacon
  5. I think these are ready to flower. What do the experts think???

    They're 25, 26 and 28 days old. Sure hope they're girls.

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  6. Rule of thumb, is that a plant will grow roughly between three to four times it's current height, from the day you set 12/12 to the end of bloom.

    So it all depends on your height restrictions and light source; the bigger the light and the lower the ceiling, the faster you'll want to hit 12/12.
  7. i actually find it about 3 times the veg height....height can be controled easy enough...kick em in flower..turn em loose:eek:
  8. I keep seeing 3x the height.

    Maybe my strain is different but at the most I get 2x the height, although it is much more common for my plant to grow 1.5x the veg height.
  9. thats why rule of thumbs suck....indicas grow short....hybrids med..sativas ..tall...rule of thumb...but you can get phenos that pick up one or the others traits...i take my veg height...double that..and then add that to the veg heigh for a guide...strains vary..light height can cause stretch...high heat can cause plants to stretch...nutes lock can stop plants from growing...rootbound can slow growth...so it all depends on the factors involved in that particular grow:smoke: best bet is always find a grow journal doing as close to what you are doing and read it through...see what that strain does...how it reacts to nutes...light...medium...let them have the problems...you learn from them and be ready if they pop up in your grow..its always easier to learn from others mistakes...and cheaper;)
  10. Everything else aside, a plant will not flower until it is sexually mature, usually 5-8 weeks from seed.

    When you have alternating nodes and pre flowers, it's ready to flower, not before.

  11. My plants usually finish veg around week three, the males are gone by then as they are usually some of the first to show pre-flowers. But that's just my room, lights and environment.

    The rule of thumb is a good start off point for someone new, who knows nothing of their genetics, and even better when it reminds them they need to take their ceiling and light into consideration.

    Most plants will grow pretty consistently if they are healthy, and you balance their feed accordingly, that's how I complete 30 plant grows with 10+ strains from Sativa to Indica in the same room, with no training, no topping, and no plant growing more than ten inches taller or shorter than the next.
    They're only that picky when other areas of the environment aren't being controlled as well as they could be, but I've been doing this for quite some time on two continents, and in over a dozen locations and environments. Environment is key, and makes everything else run a lot more smooth.

    Just my two cents ;)
  12. Is this what you mean 'alternating nodes and pre-flowers'? Second pic is a close up of first pic.

    Too early to tell?

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  13. This is not true.

    You can flower straight from seed and the plant will force itself through it's life cycle to get to flower as soon as possible. I think DrGreenGene actually sets up his clone box like this and does perpetual harvests that yield 3/4 an ounce every week this way.

    Or you could veg for months, it's completely up to you and your ability.

  14. See how the leaves/stems come out opposite each other? Alternating nodes is a leaf/stem on one side and the opposite one is a little ways up from it, not directly across. Sort of staggered.

    @28 days, you should be seeing them pretty soon. Like I said, 5-8 weeks from seed depending on the strain. Indicas like yours are usually closer to the 5 week time frame.

    Yes, you can do 12/12 from seed. Usually with reduced yield and potency, but go for it if that what floats your boat. Is DrGreenGene doing this with seeds or clones? Clones are sexually mature and can be flowered as soon as they are rooted. I do this in a SOG set up.

  15. a little off topic but what strain you growing.They sure look healthy.
  16. Top 44, heard it was easy for beginners, has been so far.
  17. Thanks for the tips.

    I'm hoping I'll increase the female population of the planet by 3.
  18. so its cool to start flowering around 10 inches/12/12 for flowering

  19. Is that the Seedsman skunk 44?

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