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How long to remove weed from system as a 300lb guy?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dangman3, May 10, 2016.

  1. Hi Everyone, I just graduated from college and want to begin looking for a new job. I'm a 300lb guy and have used weed off and on for the last year to help me sleep because normal sleeping pills haven't worked. I smoked 4-5 times a week, when smoking my heaviest, but was always from a bat or used a flowermate at very small amounts. (I liked to conserve it for as long as I could.) Luckily, I have a pretty low tolerance still.

    I was wondering if anybody is close to my size has tracked how long it will take for weed to get out of their system? I wasn't planning on looking for a job until July/August because I still have to take a 6 credits before I actually graduate and the class doesn't get out until the last week of June.

    If I really start dieting and increasing my water intake, should I be fine to start job hunting by then? Or should I way a while longer? Also I stopped smoking about 2 weeks ago, if that matters.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have no plans on using someone else's pee or using fake pee.
  2. 3 months

    Try to get some cardio in helps
  3. I would do 2-3 months. Losing some weight will help you get clean quicker since they test for metabolites not the actual THC and the metabolites are stored mainly in your fat. THC is gone very quickly just so you know.
  4. So, hold off until August?
    Also, what exactly are metabolites?
    Any other tips? Thanks for the help guys!
  5. 799px-Orca_internal_anatomy_svg.png
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  6. Depends on the type of test also. Hair is easily 90 days. Urine and saliva probably 30-45 days. The more fat, and how much you smoke the longer it stays in your system. You can also buy cheap marijuana tests at the drugstore and test yourself. I buy them at the dollar store (although I'm not banking my job on it)

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  7. 2-3 months big fella… but if you quit smoking and used Vail detox (I swear by it) or any other high quality detox and follow directions you can quit for a week and pass, so my advice would be stop smoking, get some vail and start looking for a job right away, you won't be taking a drug test for 2 weeks if you started applying today. Even when I've gone a month clean I still use a detox for safety.
    I HAD TO STOP SMOKING BECAUSE I GOT A JOB DEALING WITH DOT IN MY CITY ON MAY 13th 2018 I smoked my last half oz. (yes in one day) BUT I relapsed and smoked an eighth on July 3rd 2018 today(August 9th 2018) I tested myself 3 times and I’m clean!!!! I didn’t work out tbh I’m pretty lazy I did use Sonnes #9 Detoxification but not a lot maybe a quarter of the 32oz bottle to help. Good Luck to anyone else that needs help and reads this I hope I have some insight
  9. You live in a place where there's mandatory drug testing for all jobs?

    to answer your ?, 30 days is usually the limit on how long THC will show up in your urine.
  10. 30 days is NOT the limit. Some people (larger, heavy smokers) can show positive for up to 90 days.
  11. Rj said it's a DOT (dept of transportation) job. Under federal control and yes they test truck drivers, Forklift drivers, Crane operators, Most everything that moves with a driver.

    As for private companies since they can test many do. What they grant in state authorized cannabis use they turn right around and fire you for.
    Bills in Government may change this in the near future but for now it's a double standard mess.
    Drink all you want and show up hung over and that's fine.
    Test hot for smoking cannabis a week ago and get fired.

  12. thats why i said USUALLY........

    Marijuana use can be detected up to 3–5 days after exposure for infrequent users; for heavy users: 1–15 days; for chronic users and/or users with high body fat: 1–30 days[3][4]

    Under the typical 50 ng/mL cutoff for THC in the United States, an occasional or on-off user would be very unlikely to test positive beyond 3–4 days since the last use, and a chronic user would be unlikely to test positive much beyond 7 days. Using a more sensitive cutoff of 20 ng/mL (less common but still used by some labs), the most likely maximum times are 7 days and 21 days, respectively.[5] In extraordinary circumstances of extended marijuana use, detection times of more than 30 days are possible in some individuals at the 20 ng/mL cutoff.[6]
  13. Ya Rj wasnt the original poster and he actually replied to an old message i'm noticing.

    we all got dragged into a 2 year old post. my bad
  14. Man I hope you don’t take an official drug test based on that. Heavy users clean in 1-15 days??Uh, No! Maybe at 15 days. MAYBE, if having the perfect body type (very lean) and followed an appropriate regiment.

    And, “ a chronic user is UNLIKELY to test positive after 7 days “ ????
    Cmon man

    So much wrong with that link...
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  15. Whats wrong with that link?
    Just because you don't agree with it means its wrong.
  16. Not here to get into a back and forth with you. You either have never tested yourself after heavy use and/ or never read the 1000’s of post by smokers wondering when in the heck they will finally be clean. It takes time. The numbers you posted are wishful thinking at best. Sure some people (myself included) can get clean quicker than others but to post something that says a heavy user can be clean between 1-15 day is very misleading. One day? No! Two days? No! A week for a heavy smoker? No. It all sounds great but you tell me of a heavy smoker that is clean in a week, or even two. If this was the case you’d never see a post about getting clean or substituting synthetic. It takes time.

    Good luck and happy smoking.
  17. I used to bum piss from the sober home...

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