How long to receive seeds from seedsdirect?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by wwjessedo, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. I ordered some seeds from and I was wondering how long it should take for them to arrive. Guess I'm just being impateint. Let me know, thanks.
  2. It depends on how the US post office feels at any particular moment. 3 to 4 weeks on average, maybe longer maybe shorter. But don't start getting paranoid till after 3 weeks.

    And when they do come, don't get all paranoid that they aren't in there. He's good at hiding them at places where you would never think they would be. So disassemble the package completely to find your beans.
  3. Seeds direct is great! I'm on the west cost U.S. and it only took a week and a half. The packaging was great!
  4. Yeah don't worry seeds direct are the best !

  5. sd makes me smile ! more and more dont worry dude they are not a rip off see!

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  6. secounds anyone? from a few years ago !lol

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  7. i can kill the pain ! i can kill the pian! i can i can i can
  8. Yep....thats familiar

  9. ive became a collector ! lol if these dont bring back member it well make you forget them ! lol i am moveing to mars and dont know if the mail gets there ! sd dose a fine job for how many they help ! and their rain check is their word ! they have done great by me ! and my pain well allway be there but hopefully so well sd!lol how it be going dude ! good luck tazz11
  10. i was just looking at them again ,and thinking how nice it would be to go in to a shop and say i'll take two of them and one of those and a shit load of all of them ! lol some day dudes ,some day?
  11. if any one ask it was easter for my ant farm !lol and those are little easter eggs ! i think a may have smoke to much to night ! naaaa

  12. And I would enjoy having that very shop,,to happily hand you a shitload of those,and them ,,and have your son back that truck up so we can load your fresh well as the complimentary "bud of the day" test Dreams of a man of pain....and memory.........someday..yes..someday..

    hee seeds...gro

  13. i can see it now the frist natationial rainforst of cannabis by ndicabud and tazz11!pay the two stoned fuckers behind the gate !lol
  14. seedsdirect cant guarantee shipment
  15. who would! lol

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