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how long to germinate using paper towels

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by folied, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. How long should it take to germinate NL seeds using paper towel methods with plates? It's been 24 hours and there is no sign of cracking or anything. The only differences is the seeds in the paper towels are darker and look more "puffy" compared to the 2 I did not germinate that are still in the bag. How long does it take normally? I really want this to work and I keep checkin up on them ><
  2. just hang in there...some seeds pop overnight and some take a few days. Just make sure the papertowels stays moist ( not soaked) and they are in a dark place.
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  3. It usually takes more than a day to germinate seeds. Give it a week at the most.

    Just be patient.
  4. 1-3 days brother. Sometimes they are slow pokes just keep that papertowel wet.
  5. How wet exactly does it have to be? Like when I touch the paper towel I would say it is "moist" enough to keep the seeds moist but not soaking wet. The towels aren't soaking wet, but aren't dry.. like somewhere in the middle
  6. yeah thats right.....like a moist feel but not a sopping wet.
  7. thats fine just have some patience
  8. Sounds just right. 1-3 days is what it takes in my experience also. You wont have big tails sticking out but you'll see the seed cracking open and a tiny white tip.
  9. Not soaking but very very moist- not sopping. Just be sure and don't let the little puppies dry out :smoking:
  10. just checked on them again after adding some more water awhile ago and they have both cracked.. but i touched them to see it. stupid of me ><
  11. its ok....just try not to make touching the taproot a habit
  12. I had a seed soaking for almost 2 weeks 1 time before it sprouted.
  13. CHecked on them this morning. One tap root was a bit bigger than the other so I took the big one and placed it first down into a small hole i made in my soils in the cups and placed a baggy over the top of the cups to trap in humidity and placed them under my MH (far away though). Will be starting a journal once they both sprout!!! so excited. just feels like this is gonna be a life long thing I get that feelin :)
  14. ok, now that I have a seed planted.. how wet do I have to keep the soil? Not nearly as wet as the paper towels? I just watered the soil a little bit, so the top of the soil felt slightly moist... should I water it more?
  15. No more watering. You should water the soil on top of it LIGHTLY. After that, just put a bag on top of it and let it do it's thing. You can water it again when you see it sprouting.
  16. kk I planted the other seed as well. Only problem is when I dropped it into its hole it didnt land root down, its kind of on its side. But I choose to just leave it instead of risk damaging the root. Watered it time to just let it do its thing now.
  17. Haha give it a few days. I get mad impatient too >.<
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  18. Believe me brother. They'll find their way "up" :jump:
  19. Just wondering - why a dark place?

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