how long to flower an auto if veged for 1 month?

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  1. so im growing some bagseed, and im at almost 3 weeks flowering. i veged the plants for 1 month. i think one plant is an auto cause it hasnt really stretched since 12/12 and its buds seem too developed at 3 weeks to be indica. see for yourself at the link in my sig

    so if it is an auto, how long should i flower it??
  2. bump. i know one of you stoners has experimented with veging an auto before.
  3. uhh... til its done?
  4. If it is indeed an autoflower then you just leave the light schedule on the veg cycle and it'll take care of itself.

    Auto's are bred with the ruderalis type of marijuana that grows in the mountains in Russia. Since days are so short there it has evolved to automatically bloom but has very little bud.

    Auto's take that automatic trait and it's basically cruise control for cool.
  5. ok maybe i should have given more explanation, because none of you seem to understand what im asking. i am not a total noob, i know about checking trichs for ripeness. but what im asking is if anyone has an educated estimate on how many weeks to flower these autos that have been vegged? i want to have an estimate on how long i might have to wait because i am doing a perpetual. shit has to be on schedule.

    i know you smart asses come out of the woodworks when people ask interesting questions that you think have simple answers, but please do not post crap like "til its done." youre just being rude

    almost all autos take two months from seed to harvest if on 12/12 the whole time. so does it generally take three months if you add 1 month of veg? or does it still only take 2 months from seed to harvest no matter what light schedule they are on?

    thanks in advance for anyone who can answer this
  6. Autoflowering strains should be on a 18/6 or 20/4 schedule, not 12/12. They are not photoperiodic so if you give them less light they will take longer to finish. You cannot veg an auto because it is an autoflowering, they do not react to changes in light periods. Water feed and wait.
  7. You'll know when to start planning harvest once leaves start withering.
    Autoflowers packaging normally indicates life cycle, not flower time. The may need (seed to harvest) anywhere between 6 and 10 weeks.

    Just harvested my Auto White Russian at 64 days... check my thread
  8. Idk why your snapping on people that are supposed to be helping you, you sound like a jerk off but since youre an idiot ill help you out

    Autos cannot be over vegged because they flower AUTOMATICALLY durrrr, so theres no way you vegged an auto for a whole month because they begin their flowering process after 2-3 weeks, the light schedule does not effect or prevent flowering (which is why people 20/4, or 18/6 autos throughout the whole grow)

    That being said, I'd wait about another month and see if your 'auto' is ready for harvest, if not add an extra 2 weeks or so
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    well damn, i have had my girls on 12/12 for 3 weeks. they were bagseed and started showing sex at three weeks. and at 2 weeks 20/4 and 2 weeks 18/6 (total 4 weeks veg) i flipped to 12/12. two days before the flip they looked like this: i think they are autos, but i dont want switch to 20/4 without being more certain, cause if i am wrong that would really screw up an indica. what do you think?

    jerk, no. idiot about autos, yes. :D snapping at someone who is helping would be rude. what i did was call out people who were being smart asses and not helping. gho0ost and raggedy man. mirvs was helpful but i didnt see his post before i posted. sorry mirvs! :wave:

    your post, on the other hand, was very helpful. and therefore i dont mind that you were a smartass. lol. my thinking of autos was all wrong. i didnt anticipated the possibility of autos so i never really learned about them properly. one thing is for sure, i am never going to grow bagseed again. theres so much uncertainty you cant really plan your shit right. i was going for a scrog, and both plants have been topped and given lst. i dont think people normally do that with autos. ehh should be interesting experiment to see what it does. if they are autos that is... right now i have 15 even sized buds sites on two plants.
  10. Quite to the contrary I was trying to help. It appeared you weren't getting any reasonable answers to your question "How long should I flower it??" I don't know your knowledge level so I thought I'd give you something to help.

    No harm, no foul.
  11. lol, you guys sound like pair of civilized assholes...

    rep? yes? no? fine line ____

  12. it was a good thread about being able to see when your plant is finished. well rationed in dispelling the idea of harvesting a plant by trichs cloudiness. but i was asking for a prediction of the amount of time left till harvest. you see what im saying? your post was the same thing as saying "it will be ready when you see that it is ready"

    but your intentions seem good. you're like the grandma who gives you red socks for christmas, when you asked for red sox gear

  13. No...... review your op. The title and your actual question both ask "how long to flower", not "how long till harvest". You said nothing about predicting how much time is left. I read nothing into your question, neither should you or you wont get the answer you want.

    The grandma comparison was pretty sweet though.
  14. omg. i dont know why i bother, but such is life. you do not have to read anything into the question. its quite simple actually, but here is how i would explain it to a 2nd grader. the question "how long to flower" asks for a duration. a duration is the time between two points in time. there must be a start and an end in order to have a duration. my question is properly answered by "2 months" "1 week" "5 years." you tried to answer my question by posting a thread which describes when a plant is finished or ready to be harvested. that is only one period of time. that only tell me when the period of flowering ends. it does not tell me the duration of flowering

    to draw an analogy: if i had asked "how long till we arrive in San Fransisco", your answer would have been "we will have arrived in San Fransisco when we see the golden gate bridge."

    now youre a rude flight attendant. and im a nagging customer
  15. My apologies, I misunderstood your question or maybe you shoulda said "how long till harvest if vegged for 1 month. I didn't know there was an exact length of flower time until harvest. (i.e. 3 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 7 hours and 53 sec.) I thought it was dependent on many different factors such as strain, temp, nutes, lights, etc and could be different from grower to grower. Next grow I'll just set my timer.
    That being said......I gave you the link so you'd know when your approaching the bridge. Now sit down, turn off all electrical devices and buckle your seatbelt until we reach the gate.

    Peace :smoke:

    Thanks for the sig idea..... vvvvvv

  16. lmaooooo

  17. lol. no problem. i was trying to add a little humor to our silly debate.

    although im quite convinced the plants are autos, i dont want to risk switching back to 18/6 if they turn out to be regulars. so im just going to keep it on 12/12 and see what happens. this was the tester grow anyway. and its just bagseed. im guessing it'll take 8 weeks of 12/12 for them to be close to ready. maybe 6 weeks. thats just guessing from how the plants look now, and after a little education on how to grow autos. any thoughts?

  18. Combine with your title:
    how long to flower an auto if veged for 1 month?

    You have been given the answer already. I'll go into it again just in hope that your question is properly answered.

    Without knowing the specific strain we cannot give a specific answer

    If you are asking in regards to the window in which you can harvest - it's approximately 1 week long and can fall between the 8th - 13th week of flowering - DEPENDENT ON STRAIN

    As per your title - Autos: Auto flowering strains do their own thing, regardless of whether you swich them to flower. Autos I have seen typically flower 8 - 10 weeks more often on the shorter side I believe.

    Indica's flowering time is typically 8 - 10 weeks long. Indica's are usually denoted by being shorter and having wide broad leaves. Sativa's can go very long, 10 - 13th isn't a surprise but strains exist that take even longer. Sativa's usually grow taller and have thing long leaves.

    However, most weed is crossed somehow. So you can't rely on physical characteristics - ergo leaf size and plant size won't actually tell you what kind of plant you have but gives an idea.

    Some places in Hawaii enable plants to reveg each season so even if the strain would have a harvest time it continues to live after bud is picked and come back next season - so it does not have a technical "Chop" time.

    So even after going back and picking through to attempt to re-parse what you said I can only believe that you want a number regarding how long from flipping the light switch to 12 / 12 will you flower.

    Again you've been given the answer in the thread and in this post already but: Possibly anywhere from 8 months to the physical death of the plant from external possibilities.

    It is impossible to give you an exact answer with what to do - you're best bet is buying a microscope and checking the trichomes until they look the way you want for what high you want - again information easily ascertained through pinned topics and the search tool.

  19. like you said, i have already gotten my answer. partially from you earlier, thank you. :wave: about that- as i said earlier, im sorry you got lumped under the umbrella of that torrent in my third post. i started posting before your post came in. the others deserved it, and they know it. what you quoted in your most recent post was me explaining to raggedyman why he didnt answer my question in a way that got to my question.

    but concerning predicting a harvest window- thanks for your input. i think everyone appreciates knowing enough about their plants to have a decent window for harvest. even though we dont know the strain we do know that there is a very good chance they are autos. id say 90% chance. they're short, showed small flowers under 18/6, showed sex at 3 weeks.

    so the girls are most likely autos, and since others have told me that the plants arent as mature as they should be since they have been on 12/12 instead of 18/6 for the last three weeks, and knowing that i will continue to keep them on 12/12, i can safely predict that the plants will be ready between 6-8 weeks after i switched to 12/12. and that number was created by combining useful information from several people dedicated to answering the question that i asked. not the question that they wanted to answer.

    i know everyone feels smart saying "you cant put a timer on your plants," but the reality is that it is just not practical to have to for 4 weeks check your plants trichs, monitor leaves (is that nute burn or the plant getting old?), worry about when to flush. if i can reduce that harvest window to two weeks, then thats what im going to do. and id say it is doable on any plant that is 8 weeks old like mine.

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