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how long to flower 8 ball kush

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by growclick, Oct 15, 2011.

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    growing some 8 ball kush from barneys farm any1 growin it b4 how long to flower am at wk3/4 now buds are looking realy nice :smoke::smoke:
  2. It say's 55 days on the attitude site but your best bet is to pick u up a microscope and keep an eye on the trichomes..
  3. Due to its heavy indica nature, should be done at week 8 flower. Watch the trichs.
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    is that a pic of 8 ball mines looks nothing like that mines a lot taller
    see the damaged leaves av over fed them av done a flush over the last few days soil an water/solution ph is around 6.0/7.0 in the past i think i locked out some neuts should be good now tho
    o yea this is my first grow lol

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  5. yours looks different because it wasnt trained but true indicas grow straight up just like that i have a blueberry kush that does the same i have to train it if i want more tops looking good that strain has been discontinued(8 ball) i think so enjoy it man tell us how it smokes when you harvest
  6. Naw bro the pic in my signature is of my first grow with AK-48.. I topped and lst the hell out of that girl lol.. boridemass3 I think Barney's is just discontinuing there reg seeds.. 8 ball kush is still available in fem seeds..
  7. oh cool let me know how it taste and smoke
  8. The Ak-48 was an old grow..
  9. i heard that if i took the plants outa the grow room an away from the hps am using into day light that it stunts the growth true or false?
  10. False I've taken plants from indoor to out with no noticable difference..

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