How long till you start to see signs of flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Minty Freshness, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. i have been flowering a plant for a week and i was just curious to know how long till you start to see the buds growing?

    2 weeks-3 weeks how long?​
  2. it all really depends on the strain.. but usually within a month there should be signs of buds for sure.
  3. You see any signs of Sex?
    Are they getting pitch black nights? That means no light whatsoever.

    Personally I saw signs of sex after day 3, The buds themselves will take a while.

    Right now you should be concerned more about sex.

    Also, it would be helpful to read the sticky guides and some of the first grow posts, like mine titled "Guidance Please"

    Read through that it should help tremendously, I know I benefitted from it.
  4. my main concern is when being able to tell the sex sorry i was just saying flowering because finding the sex is the first stage of flowering
  5. yup it should be under a week in most cases
  6. what are some signs your plant isnt getting complete dark? im on first grow now with bag seeds under a 400 watt hps and im about a month into flowering. the plant has little popcorn buds all up and down the stems but the thing is the hairs are starting to turn orange. does that matter or does that mean thats all im gonna get?
  7. most wuld say flower for 35 days ,,,or a few more,,,,the potency of the t.h.c. goes down,,,,after it has reached its most potent point,,look at the bud under a microscope to look at the swollen ovaries ,,,the t.h.c. should be visible in each little hair you magnify,,,ifyour hairs are turning,,,,and the ovaries are full (although there is no seed there it will still swell),,,then you may be reaching your end,,,i bet you didnt proprely vegg. it long enough,,,,,sounds like it may of been a tall linky plant also,,,,the strain that bob marley preffered ,,,the haze family,,,and a lot of asian plants grow linky,,,you may have had a linky plant from the start,,,,smoke it and enjoy the hell out of it,,,:devious:
  8. 35 days is too short for ANY strain.

  9. You should go into your grow room at night (if it is big enough) to verify that it is pitch black. Your buds will fill out. Just be patient. Different strains fill out at different times and some don't fill out until the very last two weeks.
  10. i must have hit the wrong key,,,,55 days,,is when i will really start scrutinizing,,,,i base it on this,,white widow which is a outstanding indoor strain takes 8 weeks of flowering to reach doneness,,,,which is 56 days so your strain aint going to do as quick as w.w. so you can go past the 55 and then start looking. if you know the n ame of your strain,,most seed compaies have listed right on the seed info. just how long it takes to flower,,to be done,,,and a lot more info. on the strain..smell,height,yield,mold resistace,e.t.c. see ya

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