How long till they show their hair?

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  1. They,ve been under 12/12 for five days. I know it takes time but how long till I should really start looking close. Early Fatty from bcseeds. Am I right that males usually show first?
  2. i don't know if males usually show first, but it could take another week.

    depends on how long u have had them under veg too. if they are reall big they will show sooner than a little week old plant.

    be patient though and you should see within a few days to a week :)
  3. Males often show before females, but I personally believe this has to do with males being easier to spot (green testicles, anyone?). I always see preflower growth to be nearly uniform in the same genetics but a second ball usually shows before a full blown vagina-like pistil protrusion.

    You should start looking close now. For an average veg of about 35 days, I would expect to determine sex within 10 days. This is, however, strain dependent and many people have to wait as much as a week longer.
  4. You will notice a tiny little sack usually after the 4th and 6th internodes. They will be small at first and pisitls almost invisible. I would say you got anywhere between 2-7 days to show.
  5. Males take about a week, females take almost 2 weeks.

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