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How long till im clean.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by awdcivic, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I had no weed for 9 months for probation (im done with drug testing part) Im done with the court referal which is the random color code drug testing and never failed one cuz i didnt smoke the whole time. The lady at that place said she would fax my certificate of completion to the district attorney who would get a letter from the judge and send it to me that im completely off and its off my record. But im paranoid that theyre gonna call me for a test since im not completely done am i just overreacting?
    Im gonna call monday and see when theyre gonna send me the judges letter and all that im done cuz ill be like 4 states away for a week so thats some security cuz theyre not gonna make me test when im that far away. But im paranoid they would be like well as soon as you get back we need you in for a test. Do yall think they would do that since ive already gone through the drug testing part?
    I got off drug tests tuesday and got some pretty good stuff prob dank, i smoked a gram over 4 days from tues to friday. now with being clean for 9 months before this I weigh 185 at 5'7 male like 24% bodyfat last time i checked, do yall think id be clean within a week or 2?

  2. basically your not free till you get that letter in the mail. i would play it smart and just wait for it, i mean u already waited 9 months. nothing is worth the chance of failing and having to get that dreadful probation shit delayed any more
  3. yeah i aint gonna smoke anymore wish i wouldve just waited forreal. ima be happy as hell if i check the mail when i get back and i got that long awaited letter.

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