how long till I should harvest these critical +

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  1. Hi all need some advise on when to harvest these there 8 weeks old been flushing for a week in nft system, pics ain't best sorry

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  2. How long have they been flowering? Looks like they have 3-4 weeks to go based on the pics/
  3. Nice one bro, there 8wks and 3 days in flower should I hit them back on nuts For a week or 2 then flush for a week?
  4. critical + flowers for 45-50 days you said youve been flowering for 59 dayss?
  5. 8 weeks since you put them on lite cycle or since flowering?
  6. What do the trics look like man? Dont go by what people "think" or when the breeder says they should be ready, go by trichromes. Do a little research on the coloring(amber, cloudy, clear) of trichromes and how they effect end harvest, then make an informed decision :)

    Nice looking plants, best of luck on your harvest.
  7. i veg them for 10 days from seed didnt want them to get to big by the end, and been in flower for 8wks 3 days total from switch im using a 250 hps and 150 mh ventilation aint the best at mo, had a blue cheese on the go had to harvest at 6 1/2 wks found some bud rot inbetween some buds every day and just chopped it dried and smoked already :smoke: beautiful smoke that was a cutting tho, hairs on critical are starting to turn and buds are fattening up nice, but advanced said on there site 45 - 50 days has any of yous done critical +?

    i went in grow tent today and leaves are starting to going yellow so im thinking time is near to chop, ive got two bits of bud from 2 plants drying out for past few days going to give them a try today or tomorrow see what the high is like, plus i just got some exodus cheese off a friend so im going to enjoy that first lol i will upload more pics later for yous to see peace
  8. Oh in that case they should definitely be ready soon if not already. Check the trichs with a little microscope or magnifying glass. You want them to be about 50% amber 50% cloudy although you can pick it at a different ratio depending on the high you want.
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    Those hairs look new. Maybe its the strain, but I thought on the sticky in this forum that you should wait till the hairs receed back, as in, all this talk about trichomes could be totally irrelevant.

    Read the sticky? I'm not experienced, but it goes against what I just read a little bit.

    With that reasoning, I'd say another 3 weeks or so. However, I'm not experienced with this strain or growing technique.
  10. Nice link, I chopped them down found to much bud rot so getting it dry abit quick before any other buds get it, for some reason the buds are really wet! This is the second time I've grew in nft first was auto bio diesel x auto critical mass only one plant but got 2 oz off it, buds are nice and fat inside tried the samples I took and the buzz is nice n stoned lol so I decided to just cut any loss with it won't grow this strain again! Think I'm going to stick with autos less work to deal with had ph problems with the normal criticals I will share some dry bud pics in few days

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